In the household, the ceramic tile of toilet color should be how to apply

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-26
Decorate in the family, most owners are very pay attention to household geomantic influence. And household geomantic owner knows, different household colour is tie-in, can affect the layout of the whole space and atmosphere. As a basic color of ceramic tile, lay the home installs colour collocation also cannot ignore it, and detailed application of ceramic tile color to the different space in the home, there is exquisite. Then, as each family essential toilet, it is the most easy to shelter evil people and practices area, should be how to match the color ceramic tile, what need to be aware of? First of all, to the toilet of different family size, when collocation of ceramic tile color should be kept separate. If it is a small family toilet, the area is small, suggest to choose light color ceramic tile. Especially the metope ceramic tile, do not use brunet ceramic tile, so that we can not only look clean and tidy, seems a fairly large space. Ceramic tile ground, of course, in order to more resistant to dirty, the color can be slightly deeper than metope ceramic tile, overall and more harmonious, not top-heavy. If it is a large family of toilet, in the collocation of the color of ceramic tile, the choice is bigger, in general, can choose brunet ceramic tile already, also can choose light color ceramic tile. However, if the application is brunet ceramic tile, it is suggested that as an ornament with light color ceramic tile, can make lumbar line or the line that play a base, it won't appear too dull boring, whole space appears more vivid. If home family size between small family and big family, when choosing ceramic tile color don't have to struggle, consider using light color fastens, warm color, such as shallow cream-colored color, can make whole space build a warm and romantic atmosphere. With the popularity of the modern minimalist style outfit, part of the owner to pure color ceramic tile. The ceramic tile of toilet is proposed, colour is tie-in, try to avoid all application single pure color ceramic tile, especially pure white, because is easy to appear drab. And although the pure white ceramic tile can make whole toilet look very clean and shiny, but also is very not stain resistant. Don't forget, toilet is the most easy to shelter evil people and practices at home. If you like contracted style, can choose to take some plain coloured tiles texture pattern. In addition, the home big toilet don't use red or yellow. In living in feng shui, because toilet is & other; Small & throughout; Where, and the big red and gold five lines of fire. Unable to make & other; Small & throughout; Fire up, so the toilet is not appropriate to use these two colors. More than from the perspective of household, also introduces the ceramic tile of toilet design and color is tie-in, hope to provide reference for everyone.
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