Institute of ceramic tile is tie-in, is embracing the five kinds of main decorate a style, a necessary skill

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-25
A family to decorate often poured a lot of time and thought owner, to some extent, can reflect the owner's personal preferences and taste of life. Although there are many kinds of, decorate a style to the style of the mainstream including Europe type style, the new Chinese style style, the Mediterranean style, contemporary and contracted style and pastoral style. So, in the popular decorate a style, how to embody the extraordinary, highlights high aesthetic household? To learn the collocation and application of ceramic tile, is embracing this 5 kinds of mainstream decorate a style to the first step. Choose European household decorates a style, is usually a large family or a villa. Europe type style is costly and nobility, highlights of the space with the grand atmosphere, usually choose large size shiny ceramic tile, ceramic tile kinds can choose more high-end atmosphere all glazed ceramic, microlite and marble tiles, and often can match use ceramic tile background wall and ground spelling a flower. New Chinese style decorates a style is famous for its poetic space, with the aid of modern design methods are needed to highlight the traditional Oriental flavor, classical but not serious, refined but not dull, style is lightsome, soft color. In the collocation of ceramic tile, suit to moderate luster or inferior smooth brick, visual comfortable soft light brick. Mediterranean style comes from the ocean, its own characteristic, the use of a large area of blue and white, create a free, relaxed leisurely in the sea, impressive. The best type the ceramic tile of Mediterranean style, experience is like the time after the baptism and the wave erosion of primitive simplicity do old archaize brick. Contemporary and contracted style advocated breaking the rules in life, the pursuit of contracted household life of freedom, characterized in decorate adornment is very concise, decorated with finite element and the materials to reflect refined feeling. This style of ceramic tile design and color is given priority to with lively and elegant, such as beige tile. Ceramic tile shop is stuck not too complicated, such as are spread or inclined shop. Finally is advocating return to nature, close to nature of rural style. Rural style is not restore peasant rural life, but is reflected the rural breath is pure and fresh and natural, and the rural life casual and comfortable. Closer to nature, plain and the wood grain brick, and archaize brick, in rural style decoration application more widely. Above is for Europe type style, the new Chinese style style, the Mediterranean style, contemporary and contracted style and American pastoral style, the ceramic tile of the five popular household style collocation is introduced. As the hardware part of a family to decorate, institute of ceramic tile is tie-in, is the ability to manage different decoration style of the basic skills. The owners of the home ready to decorate, hurry to practice this skill up!
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