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Introduction of Cloud Grey Marble

Introduction of Cloud Grey Marble


In the list of marble colors, a grey-hued marble makes a real difference. When it comes to choosing a unique grey marble that catches all eyes, cloud grey marble coming from North India stuns all grey marble tile lovers. Quarried in and processed at Rajasthan in North India, this stone product comes with loads of chemical and physical properties that make it the first choice of all. Cloud grey marble a.k.a Temple gray marble has a superb surface having some interesting features and traits. The exquisite side of the stone makes it an ideal choice for the floor, wall, countertop, and vanity top. 

An introduction to cloud grey marble

Cloud grey marble has a lustrous surface defined by a white backdrop. The veins of grey hues settled on the top of the stone justifies the beauty of the cloud grey marble. With three types of quality including standard, commercial, and premium, this marble product is a big fit for various residential and commercial construction projects. Like white hue, grey-colored marble is also popular in the international market. This durable stone product is mid-level expensive. 

Miens of cloud grey marble

Cloud grey marble simply looks superb with its light grey veins settled on the surface of the stone. Go through the following features to understand the appearance of the stone product. These include:

• Primary color – Grey

• Stone type – Metamorphic rock

• Variation – Low

• Surface description – A white backdrop and light grey veins

• Additional names – Temple Gray Marble, Storm Cloud Grey Marble, Cloudy Grey Marble, Grey Cloud Marble, or Green Cream Marble

• Surface finishes – Polished, brushed, bush-hammered, lepatora, honed, antique, and leather

• Surface edge – Machine-cut

Technical facets of cloud grey marble

Every natural marble stone product comes with a few features that make it ideal for different construction applications. These features are inherent and make a stone perform. These features let buyers know more about the strength, performance, longevity, and permanence of the stone product. When it comes to knowing about the technical aspects of the stone, check out the following chemical and physical properties. These include:

• Chemical properties: Alumina (2-3%); calcium oxide (1-2%); iron oxide (5-6%); magnesium oxide (34-38%), and silica (38-40%)

• Physical properties: Compressive strength (1800-2100 kg/m3); density (2.5-2.65 kg/m3); hardness (3-4 on Mohs scale); porosity (low); water absorption (<1%), and weather impact (fully resistant)

Cloud grey marble dimensions

After extraction from big marble quarries, giant size marble blocks reach marble stone processing units. It is clear that all construction needs are not the same. That is why all construction projects demand a variety of stone sizes. Indian marble quarries produce a variety of stone blocks in custom and standard sizes. Be it a small size tile or a big size slab, white marble suppliers from India match all needs of their targeted audience professionally. Expect the following popular sizes:

• Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes

• Cut to size – On-demand

• Cutter slabs – 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm

• Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm

• Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, and 60×60 cm

When it comes to buying a big quantity of marble tiles and slabs in bulk, cloud grey marble manufacturers and exporters give all buyers an edge. Buyers better know how to get the best out of available options. They can make a big difference by getting quality stone products from a qualified marble supplier.

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