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Is it necessary to leave seams in tile paving?

Is it necessary to leave seams in tile paving?


In home life, there are often tile arching, hollowing and falling off. In fact, the main reason for this is that there are no gaps when the tiles are laid. Moreover, many people are hesitant to leave seams when laying tiles, and even many businesses say that there is no need to leave seams. A qualified tile manufacturer must know that tiles must be laid with seams.

First of all, What might be the reason for reluctance to leave seams?

1. It is believed that the effect of seamless paving is better, so that the wall and floor are smooth and tidy;

2. It is also thought that the seam is left, it is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean after a long time;

3. It is considered that the color of the gap is monotonous, and the small gap is easier to take care of;

4. Don't understand the industry, guess that the merchant or decoration worker has an attempt;

Secondly, Why should there be seams in tile paving?

1) Tiles have thermal expansion and contraction problems

Both the ceramic tile and the cement mortar used to paste the tile will have the problem of thermal expansion and contraction. In the process of temperature or humidity changes, the ceramic tile and cement mortar will expand and contract to a certain extent. If no seams are left, it is easy to cause the tiles to bulge or crack during later use.

2) There is human error during construction

Workers will certainly have errors during construction. For example, the mood and state of the workers or the construction time will cause a certain degree of error. If no seams are left, it is also difficult to ensure the straightness of the joints of the tiles, which will affect the aesthetics of the tiles!

In addition. What are the benefits of leaving seams on tiles?

1. Leaving seams can prevent the tiles from hollowing, deformation, cracking and even falling off;

2. Leaving seams for paving can also save materials;

3. The ceramic tiles have errors, and the brick joints can reduce the unsightly caused by the errors;

4. Properly leaving seams can enrich the paving effect;

5. Compared with smaller slits, it is easier to clean and take care of;

6. Reduce the uneven joints caused by construction errors;

7. More worry-free maintenance and replacement in the future.

Finally, the suggestion of leaving seams on tiles

► 300*300 :1mm-1.5mm

► 300*600 :1.5mm-2mm

► 600*600, 800*800 or greater: 2mm-3mm

► Antique tiles, cultural stone tiles, exterior wall tiles, etc.: 3mm or more

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