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by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-24
Presumably house decorated or is decorated is clear, the size of the ceramic tile is very diverse, whether it's a square floor tile, floor tile or rectangular are size, different types of floor tile is applicable to decorate area is not the same, so how to choose floor tile is reasonable? Tile floor routine specifications. Ceramic tile more common specifications is 800 * 800 mm square, sometimes even with 1000 * 1000 mm ceramic tile greatly wide. The choice of tile size should be in accordance with the interior space to determine the size, small indoor space can't use big size, or we can let a person feel feel a ratio does not conform to the standard. Such large sitting room decorate decorate total area usually can choose more types of floor tile, and interior space such as kitchen, toilet should choose the ceramic tile of 300 * 600 mm. Usually the size of the wall brick is consistent with ceramic tile, see more room wall tile specification 300 * 300 mm, 300 * 600 mm brick is relatively popular in recent years. Different areas using 1, sitting room of ceramic tile floor tile specifications specifications. According to the size of the house to choose: the area of the house if small as possible with a small types of floor tile, detailed point, usually if the sitting room decorate area under 30 flat, can consider to use floor tile of 600 * 600; If be in 30 - - - - - - - 40 flat, 600 * 600 mm or 800 * 800 mm can be used; If above 40 flat, can consider to use 800 * 800 mm. Used by considering the furniture interior space: if the sitting room is decorated is blocked by furniture place, that is to say, when the ground USES can see the total area is relatively small, so they can consider to use small types of floor tile. Considering the size of the width of the sitting room decorate: actual effect in general, with floor tile can complete a whole piece of brick is more appropriate, usually refers to as much as possible to the side not cut tile or laying bricks, less as far as possible to reduce consumption, generally speaking, the ceramic tile specifications, the greater the consumption. 2, the kitchen ceramic tile specifications. Usually relatively small kitchen, there is a door and window of ambry, net area is smaller, in order to avoid waste and keep the coordination of interior space, should choose specifications small floor tile, so the shop is stuck in the consumption will be very little, avoid the great types of ceramic tile cutting to decorate construction such as inconvenience. 3, bathroom floor tile specifications. Choose their floor toilet to decide the size of the specification shall, in accordance with the toilet. If the big toilet, choose 600 * 600 mm, if small is 300 * 300 mm can be chosen, usually choose a is behind. Ceramic tile is usually use 300 * 300 mm. Metope brick is usually specifications have 400 * 800 mm, 300 * 600 mm, according to the area of the toilet and to determine its hobby. Relative to the same brand of the same series of products, types of floor tile, the greater the corresponding price will be higher, don't blindly follow the pursuit of large specifications products, a key factor in considering the above at the same time, also need to consider its cost budget.
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