Jane o decorate what kind of ceramic tile is better choice

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-21
Jane European style of the decoration is popular now, in a lot of decorate a market also has a lot of people to come to consult, but Jane European style of decoration to choose ceramic tile, a lot of people is more troubling, this small make up to make a brief introduction, I hope it can help you! ( Jane's ceramic tile) 1. Jane European style decorating as far as possible to choose the color of light color ceramic tile ceramic tile choice is very exquisite. In general positioning dao is brunet series of Europe type style to decorate, can choose archaize tile is actually at this moment, can better with indoor colour collocation and so on question. But there are a lot of Jane's style tend to choose light color is listed as the main wall color, so this time the corresponding color ceramic tile is also need a little lighter. That is ceramic tile color selection need to match the colour of the interior. 2. Jane European style ceramic tile choice should pay attention to prevent slippery, especially for all ages, with the presence of in the home, we in choosing a ceramic tile must pay attention to the attention of skid resistance and processing. Because the sitting room is a place where we often activity, this time in order to avoid fall and so on the happening of the accident, you had better be to choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile, so can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents, and better security. 3. Jane European style try to choose smooth ceramic tile ceramic tile to say for the small family room, whether it is what kind of room, the space is relatively limited. Recommend at this time in the choice of the ceramic tile of the sitting room when will choose smooth effect is better, because the visual effect is bigger, also can appear some interior space is more capacious, better help indoor daylighting, also enlarge visual feeling. 4. Jane the ceramic tile of European style as far as possible choose the ceramic tile ceramic tile with larger area have greatly small, if you choose the ceramic tile, Jane general recommendation area bigger tile decoration. Jane Europe did subtraction, in the Europe type style is decorated in a few minutes less than European style luxury, much a few minutes contracted. On the choice of tile specifications should use large pieces of the ceramic tile of laid, the effect will be better, small show more ceramic tile ceramic tile, the gap between such more integral feeling on the vision, is not very suitable for Jane's decoration. This is this issue about Jane's some related contents of introduction of the ceramic tile, if you also want to know more about ceramic tile decoration, welcome to continue to focus on our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Jane's ceramic tile)
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