Jin Gangchao crystal jade ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-20
Making use of polishing brick process, let all glazed ceramic tile is different from the ordinary ceramic tile, the surface of glaze, is crystal glaze wear-resisting, high temperature, internal molecular seal all the ceramic tile, no cracks. So can keeps bright for a long period of time, do not fade, hard wear-resisting, in addition, all decorated with glazed ceramic tile, have very good permeability, bibulous rate is better, than any other natural materials of ceramic tile, uniformity and stability of texture, density, and safety. So the all glazed ceramic tile generally is often used in household decoration, not used in the streets or channel in decoration. Compared with the polished tile, glazed ceramic products in the design and color is more abundant. After high temperature firing of ceramic tile, decorative pattern color texture is dialysis colour, not ordinary ceramic tile on the surface of a straightforward, but see, scratching their special shading lines, bright colors, breed of design and color is diversiform, natural texture. All glazed ceramic products can also not polishing and polishing, can satisfy the tastes of different consumer groups. Super crystal jade this concept just individual manufacturer of ceramic tile, but should generally refers to all glazed ceramic tile, microlite tile and distinguish up watch side, microlite tile generally have 2 to 3 mm glass surface level, while the crystal jade tile the side should be just a thin layer of surface, just like a layer of paint. The hope can help you. Thank you, ceramic tile is generally divided into five grades, namely, classy article, first-rate product, second-class article, thirds and cull, consumer is when the choose and buy to pay attention to the identification and specification of ceramic tile on package, color number is same, product quality inspection certificate, logo and label is clear. Second, to see if the size of the ceramic tile specification, the size of the specification is not only conducive to the construction, more can reflect the effect that decorate. Good specification deviation small ceramic tile, shop stickers effect is good, brick seam straight, adornment effect is very good. How very well in excess of the SPAR ceramic tile, tell me about it the advantages and disadvantages of super SPAR ceramic tile is between the glazed ceramic and microcrystalline a product, the price is not so expensive, microlite crystal and thicker than the full glazed ceramic, the effect will be better. Has the characteristics of wear-resisting antiskid and economical. Good abrasion resistance than the ratio of microcrystalline, decorative texture better microlite slightly spinel brick class is high, quality is very good, hardness is strong, clear grain degree, the price is very high, after the shop is stuck, must be professional protection, or decorating a process, not taken easy to damage the surface! New products, like a few years ago the micro SPAR, problem is much also, technology is more and more mature now, products is also very good. Like to try it! Overland ceramics brand ceramic products are exquisite workmanship, high cost performance, prices are more affordable, their ceramic products of raw materials has a fine grinding ceramics powder, trace minerals, imported dry grain, glaze etc. , and using nanometer technology and professional three degrees of burn some printing process set fire and into, wearable pressure, acid and alkali resistance, prevent slippery, no radiation pollution, at the same time is durable, worth to choose. The ceramic tile of the Overland ceramics it can put the interior decoration is very sweet and natural, and the surface of ceramic tile is very wear-resisting, moisture resistance and impact resistance. In many brands of ceramic tile also is one of the best. Ceramic product quality not only, and the product of a bargain sale also attracted quite a few customers heart. Let the customer value most is the after-sales service of ceramic tile. Overland ceramic tile quality is very good, his family's ceramic tile is light weight, but also a waterproof, pest control, no peculiar smell, and strong resistance to pollution, easy to clean, at the same time has the very good sound insulation effect, installation is convenient, the style of ceramic tile is very much also, the price is including three class, suitable for different consumers of all ages. Diamond grinding wheel is diamond abrasive as raw materials, with metal powder, powder, ceramic and metal plating as binder, made a hole in the middle of the circular consolidation grinding tool called the diamond grinding wheel, Alloy wheel) 。
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