Jin Gangwei SPAR and the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile is what

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
Compared with wooden floor, ceramic tile abrasion resistance are better when using, and ceramic tile is not so & other wood floor; Jiao qi & throughout; , also don't need maintenance at ordinary times, and each time when clean clean, is very convenient, don't worry too much ground water damage in the drum or become warped edge. Many people choose ceramic tile ground, will see microlite this kind of material, so Jin Gangwei SPAR what are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile? Many families will be used in the sitting room to microcrystalline ceramic tile, decorative microlite tile itself is very good, spread to our sitting room on the ground, in the backdrop of the light or sunlight, is glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, especially attractive. So the demand for European style pursuit of luxury, still can meet. And some modern style house daylighting is good in itself, using microcrystalline ceramic tile can have the effect of the reflected light, let a sitting room appear more capacious and bright. Because microcrystalline special physical properties at the same time, some pollutants can effectively prevent dust and penetration, so clean and cleaning are also conserve energy, use wet mop water, gently wipe can clean, microcrystalline ceramic tile is bright and clean like new. Besides, microlite tile compared with commonly used marble tile, ceramic tile bedroom, bo changes a tile, nature is very stable, can effectively resist the weathering, and the variation of heat bilges cold shrink also is not very big, don't worry about the weather is too cold or hot extrusion, the problem such as broken, this may also be more and more families choose microlite tile. As the ground adornment material, the advantages and disadvantages of microlite tile or prominent. Microlite tile although beautiful atmosphere, to a lot of decorate a style to have the foil atmosphere effect, but the micro SPAR has a drawback that nots allow to ignore, it is relatively low hardness. General mohs hardness calculate a kind of material is we use the hardness of high and low, the greater the value represents the higher hardness, our common home of polishing tile, such as hardness is in June or July, but only 5 or 6 microlite the hardness of ceramic tile, if you use the time is not very attention, you may leave a scratch. And microcrystalline ceramic tile surface is very smooth, if there is a scratch, will obviously, and fix up is more troublesome. The advantages and disadvantages of the above is Jin Gangwei SPAR ceramic tile is what content, all as the ground material, this kind of ceramic tile is very beautiful, but the hardness is low, if you also in choosing ceramic tile, hope I can help you.
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