Kunpeng ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-01
Foshan city kunpeng ceramics co. , LTD. Is over ceramics foshan city kunpeng ceramics co. , LTD. , a subsidiary of a new brand. Company is located in the world-famous China ceramic first town & ndash; Founded in the town. Companies with a total investment of 1. 500 million yuan, covers an area of 200 mu, the staff 400 people, has two per 200 meters long modern large kiln production line and four polishing production line, imported from Italy modern polishing production technology and the latest model of pure bright nano polishing production technology, main products are: pure bright & quot; Blue moon & quot; Series and polycrystalline powder, transparent crystal tile, magic cloth, dream powder, superfine powder, color tile, microcrystalline jade, such as the eight series, hundreds of variety. Due to the advanced equipment and technology, strict production and management, so the product quality of various specifications are reaching or higher than the current state of relevant provisions of the indicators and building materials. “ Fly over & throughout; Due to good quality price is reasonable, therefore, the public is well received in the world and favor, but also exported to Thailand, Japan, South Korea and other southeast Asian countries and European countries such as Russia, Spain. The company has always been adhering to the & quot; People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, sincerity, challenge the future & quot; The management idea and the dealers, terminal customers and social public espouses & other Quality first, service first & throughout; Two eternal service tenet. We invite good friend of all corners of the country and people of insight to foshan and we make friends and enjoy together & other; Fly over & throughout; Ceramic. Let us manufacturers cooperation, create reutilized. Arm in arm, heart to heart, create more brilliant glorious 21st century! Foshan city zen beauty crown ceramics factory is a specialized production & throughout; Beauty crown & throughout; ,” PCCW & throughout; And throughout the &; Sons & throughout; Brand floor tile of wall of all kinds of glaze matte, ( Wall brick) Modern ceramic enterprise, advanced technology, well-equipped, with a number of advanced automatic production line imported, including large-tonnage Italy sacmi press and advanced roller kiln, thus ensuring the beauty crown brand wall brick outstanding product quality. The enterprise assemble industry outstanding technical management personnel, with strong new product development ability, comprehensive import modern management system, specialized in the production of various specifications of design and color of glaze wall brick and matte wall tile. Wall brick series product USES the international advanced production technology, has high hardness, low water absorption, no late chap, billet glaze combination etc, especially suitable for all kinds of weather, the temperature difference is bigger area floor decoration use. Beauty crown ceramics factory each brand products, which is well received in the market, the products sell well all over the country, and exported to countries around the world. Facing big good market situation at present, the crown people not arrogant not dry, always remain calm of mind, in line with & other People-oriented science and technology progress & throughout; The enterprise concept and & other Quality first, credit first, service paramountcy & throughout; The management objective, through the crown of innovation efforts, continuously introduce led 'is the trend of ceramic products, for people to create a beautiful and colorful living space. In the Chinese market and world market success, the people are willing to on the basis of mutual benefit, and friends from all over the world and the countries of the world, to join hands in creating a more brilliant tomorrow.
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