Learned ceramic tile maintenance, lets the home of the aesthetic value

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-04
Everyone tried to a loving family home into a warm harbor, perfect to the requirement of domestic outfit. But live a long time, ceramic tile is hard to avoid can produce all kinds of dirt and rust, looking at a mood irritability. Now, we come to know about the small ceramic tile to maintain clean coup, began to make the home more perfect. A, the daily clean ceramic tile belongs to the building material of low water absorption, besmirch drip, not immediately penetration. In daily life, when touch to the ceramic tile surface, such as fruit juice, drink should be wiped clean as soon as possible, also can use clean water directly, these substances left within a short period of time will not seep into the ceramic tile. But when the coffee or tea these high concentrations of substances for a long time to stay in ceramic tile surface, can lead to difficult to clean ceramic tile, need to use the sodium hydroxide solution to clean at this moment, if you feel trouble, you can also use soda instead. Two dirt, oil, acid cleaning of the kitchen grease dirt is a very headache thing for housewives. The kitchen ceramic tile aperture would quietly accumulated oil, slightly do not pay attention to, has accumulated a large layer of dirt is difficult to clean, must suit the remedy to the case can be removed. 1, long the most stubborn, just use ordinary cleaner to reach the effect, can use ordinary cleaner first smeary thin, reoccupy cleaner containing dissolved components removed. 2, in oil area with oil pollution prevention in advance oiled paper, accumulation of oil change directly after the new sticker, namely beautiful and convenient. Three, cleaning the rust stain the pipes often touch water of kitchen, bathroom, time grows, ceramic tile is easy to appear next to the pipe scale or rust, very beautiful. The most direct way of cleaning, the VC tablets crushed into powder over the surface of ceramic tile, and then repeated washing with water, can wipe clean. In ceramic tile shop sticks can also do some prevention after the completion of the processing of oil pollution, the ceramic tile surface coated with membrana tectoria, grease, rust, so later will be more convenient and clean. Four, clean soap scum between wei yu wei yu often use soap and shower gel, ceramic tile is easily with soap dirt, the accumulation of time will be hard to clean up. 1, these soap dirt can be avoided, cleaned up and easy to clean at ordinary times, pay attention to clean, can avoid soap dirt residues in ceramic tile surface. 2, the thick black dirty can wash with warm water first to dissolved by some scale, and then put the drops of hydrochloric acid solution in ceramic tile surface, let stand can easily erased in a few minutes. Clean up after can be in ceramic tile surface coated with a layer of antifouling agent, later can better avoid soap scum. Five, the building materials need to decorate finished, acid neutralization clean ceramic tile will inevitably leave some cement scale, the building materials common cleaning methods are difficult to remove, use the blade scraping, easily scratched ceramic tile. Can use hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid solution in the dirt place daub, with solution of acidic and alkaline cement, let stand for 10 minutes or so, can easily remove the brush.
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