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by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-02
State of ceramic tile is not AA or AAA rating tag, etc. National level of ceramic tile is in accordance with the classy article, first-rate to distinguish. On the ceramic tile of radioactive countries are divided into A, B, C, etc. The scope of application is not restricted is class A, can use decorate in the family of various places. So the environmental performance of indoor floor tile must ensure A class standard. The main distinction: according to the national environmental standards, adornment material radioactivity level divided into three categories. A, A kind of decorative materials, decoration materials radionuclide - radium And thorium - 226 , k - 232 40 of the radioactivity specific activity at the same time satisfy the I Ra 1 or less. 0 1 or less, and Ir. Three requirements for A class of decorative materials. A kind of decorative materials production and marketing and the use scope is not restricted. Second, the class B decoration materials, not meet the requirements of class A decorative materials but at the same time satisfy the I Ra 1 or less. 3,IY≤1。 9 for class B decoration materials as required. Class B interior decoration materials cannot be used for class I civil building, but can be used in class I all outside facing civil construction and other building internal and external veneer and other outdoor applications. Three, class C decoration materials, meet the requirements of A and B class decoration materials but should satisfy the I r 2 or less. Eight requirements for class C decorative materials, class C decorative materials only can be used for building exteriors of plane and other outdoor use. National standards for the for the radioactivity problem of ceramic tile using: GB6566 - 2001.
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