Like Japanese style do you really know what is a Japanese style?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-17
For Japanese style of pure and fresh nature created by a carefree and leisurely, pure and fresh nature, leisurely and comfortable and enjoyable life realm, perhaps is the heart of life in the city's sacred cows. Although this style is popular with people, but a lot of people say a Japanese decorate what? So what is the real day type style? Today is for everybody to introduce some of day type style decoration features. 1, decoration wood floor japanese-style houses are mostly covered by tens of centimeters above the ground floor, for there is a certain distance with the ground floor. With big difference of Europe type style is rejected luxury and more pays attention to quietly elegant, artistic effect through simple, depth of zen. In it, let a person the feeling of a fusion with nature, so native wood is a Japanese style decorating essential materials. 2, furniture decorate many Japanese people watch TV dinner are generally shorter knelt on the ground or sat on the ground, in order to use convenient, furniture is generally not high, as a result, many Japanese women in many life activities can be done on sitting or kneeling, it can facilitate People's Daily life, it has also become a kind of life habit, in addition, it is also a Japanese decorate a style of another feature, want to create the high-quality goods of Japanese to decorate, so relatively small household products is indispensable, and small day type sofa, according to the rigorous attitude towards life. And in daily work, day type sofa is often also some office space to choose. More than three, log lubricious furniture is given priority to with plants of log color, highlight the natural elements and deepen the style of plain and steadfast. Natural elements with personal visual impact as a result, let a person can be peaceful and calm, have achieved better meditation and reflection, this and the emergence of a Japanese zen complement each other. Even the walls have beautiful decorative pattern, is colourful and not random, with a deep imprint in ancient China. 4, decorate a style of pure and fresh quietly elegant design adornment concept in Japan, mainly with pure and fresh quietly elegant is tonal give priority to, the main attention point fall on the green room, such as planting trees and landscape garden, to bring nature into the atmosphere of household, show its unique taste, created the uniqueness of day type style. 5, tatami, in short, the characteristics of Japanese style decorating is quietly elegant, concise, USES a clear line, make the bedroom arrangement gives a person with elegant, clean, has the strong geometry stereo feeling, create the atmosphere for both visual and sensory had a self-evident comfort.
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