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Local Ceramic Tile Stores Style Touch QIP5202 LONDON
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Among many floor decoration materials, floor tiles have become the first choice of consumers. Because it has the advantages of solid texture, easy cleaning, heat resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water impermeability and so on. In the selection of floor tiles, the following aspects should be considered: whether anti-skid.According to personal hobbies and the functional requirements of the living room as well as the field layout, we can choose from the specifications, tones, texture and other aspects of floor tiles. When choosing floor tiles, we should pay attention to the quality. When choosing floor tiles, we can see the sintering strength by tapping lightly. The sound is clear and not muddy, which indicates that the sintering temperature is high and the quality is good.In addition, attention should be paid to whether there are small pits on the surface: hard objects can be used to carve on the glaze surface, if there is no trace left, indicating that the quality of the crystal surface is very high, and the high quality of the crystal surface is better than that of common brick.








【 Product number 】QIP5202

【 Texture 】Cloud stone (16 sides)

【 English name 】LONDON SERIES

【 Grayscale 】20-

【 Style 】Original stone style

【 Light sensitivity 】90 degree high gloss

【 Product size 】600×1200

【 Skid resistance 】R9
【 Touch 】Mirror surface




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Ceramic tile is different from the ceramic tile with other rich colour, give priority to with black and white ash on color,




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 Give priority to with black and white ash on color, the element conflation that emphasizes nature and vogue on grain, it is characteristic with big norms, application space is more contracted and lively, relaxed and comfortable, intellectual simple but elegant, become the mainstream trend that ceramic tile consumes.

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The surface details seem to be very simple, free from tradition, bold innovation, catering to the preferences of young people



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