Look not to understand ceramic tile shop sticks too complicated? You just can acceptance

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-12
After more than thousand thousands of selecting, goods than home, finally got home decoration, good should be determined with the ceramic tile to buy back. Next, shop sticks ceramic tile is about to begin. Some owners anxious again, about the ceramic tile shop is stuck completely don't understand ah, how to supervise the construction quality. Ceramic tile, after all, once the shop up to pry to shop is a very troublesome thing, increasing cost is small, delay the time limit for a project progress is great. And, if you use the ceramic tile adhesive, also not necessarily can pry resurfaced. So, part of a 'hard working' the owner, began to search on the Internet all kinds of knowledge about ceramic tile shop sticks post process. Never imagined the shop is stuck strategy on every word, every sentence means also understand, but the actual use is very difficult, but in front of the construction of teacher professional is 'teach fish to swim. Studies ', 'there are actually the owners don't have to bother to take the method and technology professional shop is stuck. Floor tile shop is stuck with the job of the teacher, the owners need to learn most is ceramic tile shop sticks out, how to check and accept. Ceramic tile shop sticks acceptance also have skills, learn to three easily cope with. First, with a small hammer knock, check whether the free drum. Should be prepared before acceptance, small hammer, small wooden hammer or rubber hammer any of the acceptance of the tools. Acceptance, take the hammer knock gently ceramic tile surface, at the same time listen to sound. If it is similar to 'empty empty' or 'knocked' voice, free drum phenomenon that shows ceramic tile. Monolithic ceramic tile edges empty drum is more than 3%, also want to find a way to spread. If, deep voice sounds more full sealed, show that no empty drum. Second, take detection measurement, check whether level off. Acceptance, the need to prepare foot by foot or vertical detection, used to detect floor tile flatness; Use steel ruler test for a straight seam, usually within 2 ㎜; Take the square detection Angle of Yin and Yang is in line with the standard. At the same time, through careful observation and touch, check whether there is ceramic tile surface upwarping, high and low not level. It is worth noting that hutch is defended and balcony is special, in order to better drainage, slope to do themselves. Third, spelling a flower and waist line to watch carefully. At home to do the spelling a flower or a waist part of the space, carefully check the order and position is correct spelling a flower, modelling is unified, in case the shop is stuck at that time careless, especially spelling a flower pattern complex error prone. Waist line depends on the height of the ground is reasonable, is usually around 90 cm. Mastering the technique of ceramic tile brick acceptance, in order to avoid unnecessary hidden trouble in family life.
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