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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-13
Teach you 12 identify the quality of porcelain bai brick floor is the first step in new home decorate du, is also the most important step, zhi, we should not only when decorate dao only see workers, should choose quality letter of material. Here we tell you 12 identification method of ceramic tile. 12 kinds of identification methods to identify the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile quality: 1, glaze should be smooth and delicate; 2, put together a few pieces of tile of pottery and porcelain spelling, look carefully in the light, good product color difference is very small, tonal consistent between products; Color difference is bigger, and poor products between color shades; 3, the color of ceramic tile, color clear, natural and said vitrified degree is high, colour is not clear, vitrified degree is low; 4, design and color design is exquisite, lifelike, no obvious lack of color, break the blemish, dislocation, etc; 5, a few drops of tea juice or water on the underside of the tile, stay for a few minutes later, depending on the degree of the spread of water suction, no water absorption or bibulous rate is low, good quality; 6, the ceramic tile to hear whether voice knock is ringing, sound crisp, porcelain coefficent, the higher the density and hardness; 7, whether there are scratches with sharp objects scratching ceramic tile, if there are scratches said poor glazing easily slip, the surface of the glaze after polishing, brick surface will not be soiled clean; 8, when the choose and buy, within one meter with macroscopic observation surface had pinhole, if any, said glaze not fully integration, easy to build up contaminants; 9, warp degree of observation: in order to watch the tiles to the naked eye side is straight, if the warp situation seriously affects the strong degree of ceramic tile shop is stuck in the future; 10, specification available caliper measurement. Good product specification deviation is small, after the shop is stuck, product uniformity, brick seam, the effect is good. Poor product specification deviation is big, product size is differ between; 11, exterior wall tiles tonal should keep harmonious with the surrounding environment, high-rise buildings should not be commonly use white or light color first brick exterior wall decoration, to avoid building a lack of sense; In the interior decoration, floor tile and wall tile color to matching each other. All facilities are for sanitary ware, tiles and all sorts of accessories including hardware and other auxiliary materials should be consistent with the quality, class; 12, according to the choose ceramic tile to use environment, such as bathroom had better choose anti-slip easy to clean body tile.
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