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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-15
Ceramic tile has the very good adornment effect, also have very good protection effect on the ground and metope, basically in every family decorate a process to use ceramic tile. Among them, pleased to ceramic tile has a good sales in the market, then hao beautiful ceramic tile is premium brands? What the ceramic tile of domestic famous brand? Luxe ceramic tile is a few line five well-known domestic brand ceramic tile brand recommendation 1. Winged lion fish winged lion is one of the ceramic tile manufacturers domestic scale is larger, it is able to provide consumers with ceramic tile, integration ceiling, integration, electrical appliances, the overall service for your home products that defend bath, is one of the leading brand in the industry. It has won the honorary title of a number of brands, has certain influence in the market. 2. Mona Lisa the Mona Lisa is a specialized ceramic tile production and sales of integrated enterprise, its main products include ceramic plate, floor tile of wall of inside and outside, and other series, including its production of thin porcelain plate and inorganic light plate has a good sales in the market, deeply the general residential user's favorite. 3. Marco Polo is one of the ceramic tile of brand of domestic development history is relatively long, has more than three hundred patent technology, has a great technical advantages in the production of ceramic tile, is one of the leader of fashion in the industry. Among them, the independent research and development of & other; China impressed & throughout; Series of products won the praise of users at home and abroad. 4. The brunei the brunei is a collection of product research and development, manufacturing and sales for the integration of modern enterprise, it produces the product variety, style, complete, can meet the demand of market consumers different decoration, and is committed to the building to be more perfect the ceramic tile of the overall solution, improve customer satisfaction. 5. Mick, Mick is a company dedicated to bring consumers more high-grade ceramic tile production enterprises, it makes glazed pottery, anti-static flooring, wall hang dry products have good sales in the market, is one of the best-selling brand each big building materials stores, has a very high market visibility and credibility.
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