Mall to which should pay attention to several aspects when decorate ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-26
One, in the whole decorates complete, then do a clean up completely, full of ceramic tile surface cleaning, so the usual maintenance is relatively simple. Second, in general first inspection on the surface of ceramic tile is there has been preserved, if not, must after polishing wax again before construction. Judgment way of polishing wax: look at something of a layer of wax on the surface of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface gives person's feeling is foggy, use hand to touch, will have fingerprints. Third, is used in construction for construction personnel will rubber hammer in a white cloth before use. pollution prevention performance is not very good in the use of leather hammers on the surface of the tile will be with black print. More difficult to clean up. 8 e01 - Polishing brick - 800 * 800 four, to note that in the shop is stuck good ceramic tile ceramic tile is not piled up some living goods, cabinet, table, etc. , on the paved tiles ceramic tile above, doing the protection with cushions, avoid because when using vibration and wear surface of ceramic tile. Fifth, for just the shop is stuck good ceramic tile, must use the packing carton of ceramic tile ( Is to use waterproof fabric) The paved tiles cover, to prevent sand grinding ceramic tile surface, and when decorating, use paint coating and glue on the tile, will affect the ceramic tile surface. Six, for just the paved tiles, don't walk about in the above, because brick is not dry, above pedaled, artificial brick surface caused by uneven. 8 y03 - Polishing tile - 800 * 800 overland ceramics design is numerous, as a private enterprise with fifteen years ceramic tile production and operation of ceramic tile manufacturers - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, reasonable price, so has the size of the engineering across the world, domestic outfit orders, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the fashion constantly progress, launch all kinds of new style for you. 8 b03 - Polishing tile - 800 * 800
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