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Marble tile mosaic, used in these places, the effect is unexpected!

Marble tile mosaic, used in these places, the effect is unexpected!


Wonderful parquet is always intriguing, no matter what style of parquet, it can always give people unexpected results. Marble tiles are commonly used floor paving materials. The mosaics carefully designed by the first-line Foshan ceramics brand can make it more decorative and beautify in the living room, dining room, background wall and other spaces, and use its unique characteristics in the way of mosaics. Got vividly.

The floor is the most important part of the ground in the entire space, occupying a larger space, and a good marble tile mosaic can make people feel pleasing to the eye. The living room is the most utilized space in the home, and an exquisite parquet can add more charm to the living room.

The parquet in the restaurant area should not be too complicated, and the simple and lively style can make people pleasing to the eye and increase people's appetite. Different table shapes are matched with different mosaics, which is interesting.

Marble mosaics can also produce good results in the corridors. The diamond-shaped or rectangular marble tiles are put together on the ground, adding a bit of magnificence, and the lighting on the ceiling makes the corridor look more luxurious.

In addition to the above-mentioned home space, the first-line Foshan ceramic brand believes that the background wall is also a place to show the charm of marble tiles. Compared with traditional ceramic tiles, marble tiles are more refined and atmospheric. Application on the background wall can improve the temperament of the space.

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