Marble tile why not a plane

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-17
Recently heard some words is, why not a marble tile surface, each piece, but more than a stone surface? So let small make up to tell you about different ways of natural marble marble tile combines natural marble stone, in marble on the basis of all-round improvement from the aspects of technology, the effect, the texture of natural marble weaknesses, keep tile marble stone performance is improved at the same time. Has the characteristics of different aspects of natural marble, marble beauty lies in the fact that broadly consistent patterns of change. Exactly, completely standardized grain is more suitable for ordinary jade, artificial stone, the ceramic tile of grain is not suitable for the marble with the design of the whole grain direction. Marble tile lines based on natural marble, more than a stone surface tasting carefully marble tile, you will find that each batch of the texture of ceramic tile. Because marble selected global ceramic tile various rare and precious stone, marble and adopt high definition scanning and 3 d ink-jet printing technology, combined with ink jet penetration process, make the marble tiles do more than a stone surface, every piece of ceramic tile texture is different. Can do it, because in the selection of stone, we will complete capture cross section of marble texture, real restore the integrity of the stone grain and stereo feeling. On the basis of complete stone design documents, to scientific cutting and dividing lines, according to certain production scheduling order, inkjet program, print stone texture after 3 d. Overland marble tiles DJ8015 shallow brown network due to the design file size is too big, and the standard size of marble tile is 800 mm * 800 mm, thus producing ceramic tile, marble will surface to separate two or even more, make the production. This is why there will be a texture difference between two pieces of marble tiles. Marble tile design style fashion, are at the forefront of the fashion. We from the selection of designers of design work, the part of the 3 d printing in ceramic tile surface, form different textures. Therefore, we will see that not every box marble tiles are all the same! The is the charm and strength of ceramic tile, marble is different, but laid up grain more holistic, organic unity, won't appear patchwork. Small make up think, marble tile advantage is that it combines the beauty of natural stone, marble and the performance of the slab bottom hair color ceramic tile, ceramic tile already beautiful, and durable. It takes all kinds to make a person, there are a variety of different texture for a block of marble tile, unified together, so harmonious, this is the marble tile characteristics.
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