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Marble Wall Tiles Grayscale Style Touch QIP1031 VENICE
Brand name:Overland
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Material:Porcelain tile
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Place of Origin:China

Venice's beauty is unparalleled. The essence of the Renaissance still shines today. There is no annoying car noise, only the slow paddle sound of Gondola. As the English poet Browning said, "There is no other city like it or the same. There is no second Venice in the world."Venice has the reputation of "being born of water, beautiful by water, and prosperous by water". Beautiful buildings are reflected in the water, and Venice is floating in the water, just like a romantic dream floating on the blue wave. Venice series design inspiration is drawn from the "Water City" Venice's style, winding lanes, flowing waves, poetry and painting lingering."Venice" series has 600 * 1200mm, 900 * 1800mm two specifications, 20 +, 802 different warm and cold gray levels, to meet more professional design needs, give space a variety of collocation inspiration.








【 Product number 】QIP1031

【 Texture 】Venice Marble (12 sides)

【 English name 】VENICE SERIES

【 Grayscale 】20+

【 Style 】Original stone style

【 Light sensitivity 】90 degree high gloss

【 Product size 】900×1800

【 Skid resistance 】R9
【 Touch 】Mirror surface




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Constantly push the craft level to a new height, leading the modern ceramic fashion trend




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With high grade, high quality, perfect matching and other excellent comprehensive strength, win the deep love of consumer groups.

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Differ from the ceramic tile with other rich color, give priority to with black and white ash on color



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