Master is ceramic tile shop is uneven, the shop is stuck not to walk heart or ceramic tile quality has a problem?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-12
Didn't stick well, brick house decorate again good also no use. Found that, when acceptance of many owners to stick the ceramic tile of the ground is uneven, brick or the joint roughness has obvious flaws, in many cases even to pry brick paved. Master is ceramic tile shop is uneven, the shop is stuck not to walk heart or ceramic tile quality has a problem? The shop is stuck factor 1, the shop is stuck wrong direction under normal circumstances, the ceramic tile floor will have special brand logo and direction of the sign, direction signs can be bricklayers master shop sticks ceramic tile is a direction. Carried out in accordance with the direction the shop is stuck, can make ceramic tile surface texture cohesion more fluent, both to ensure that every piece of brick on the verge of similar degree of cock, the shop is stuck up relatively flat. A lot of home outfit bricklayer's ignore direction signs, not according to the direction of the arrow the shop is stuck, the corners are prone to seam is not neat. 2, carefully almost each tile brick joints are length, straight Angle, the slight deviation of edge straight degree, etc. If no seam, ceramic tile edge height differ slightly larger, seam rugged will happen. Seamless brick is easy to cause the ceramic tile in heat bilges cold shrink when empty drum arch camber, serious when even split brick. 3, after the shop is stuck not knocked on real after ceramic tile ceramic tile with the ground, because of the cement mortar in dry state, also need to tap the mortar, the downward pressure, make cement mortar is uniformly distributed at the bottom of the ceramic tile, so that you can avoid stress non-uniform when cement ceramic tile, affect the flatness. Most of the time the shop is stuck workers to ignore this step, there is no on the blocks. 4, right proportion of cement mortar and traditional brick generally use cement and sand field mixed as the bonding agent, cement and sand ratio is very important. Wrong ratio, sand percentage is too high, or not in the add adhesive mortar, can lead to cement mortar not adhere to ceramic tile, a tile puffed up. 5 no evenly daub, cement mortar ceramic tile shop is stuck, cement mortar need to smear evenly on the back of the full. Some bricklayer's in order to save time only apply around the ceramic tile, cause only ceramic tile edge 3 ~ 5 cm mortar paste wall, the ceramic tile of uneven late may appear uneven. 6, no level and vertical cone workers shop sticks ceramic tile of working procedure is not standard, use level and vertical cone to locate, lead to the shop is stuck effect smooth enough. Environmental factors 1, lifting the building their own house due to geological problems will produce a certain amount of settlement, degree of different position is different, also can appear the uneven ground. 2, large temperature difference between the temperature is too low, cement mortar cement, the water freezes volume expansion stress, thus destroying the structure of cement mortar and strength. Produce this kind of circumstance, with floor tile cannot be well combined, and the cement hydration heat concentration under the ceramic tile, ceramic tile can drum up. High temperature also can lead to deformation of ceramic tile. Use of geothermal heating floor, floor tile is also prone to deformation at high temperature for a long time. Tips: 1, general test to test the roughness when buying ceramic tile ceramic tile flatness mainly use vernier caliper to measure, but in daily life we can be together two pieces of brick and stand up, see two bricks have crack. If there is a obvious gap, explains the brick of flatness is not very good. 2, the site supervisor unable to guarantee the ceramic tile flatness, so be sure to real-time supervisory, once found it must question promptly. Choice to decorate the guerrillas are more careful, individual bricklayer's responsible enough, in order to catch up, don't go to remind owner also don't go pick brick. Can best understand some basic knowledge of the shop is stuck or looking for professional supervisors, found that the problem can be solved in a timely manner. When the acceptance check empty drum and joint roughness. Ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, owner anxious psychology is understandable. Appear many times ceramic tile shop is uneven, because the shop is stuck direction is wrong, no compaction ceramic tile, ceramic tile was wrong. At this time of the ceramic tile of store sales consultant need patiently to help the owner to find the real problem, the best help owners together to solve problems, laying the uneven problem of ceramic tile is easy to solve.
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