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Modern antique tiles and full body marble tiles give you a different inner feeling!

Modern antique tiles and full body marble tiles give you a different inner feeling!


Modern antique tiles are developed on the basis of traditional antique tiles. The overall style is heavier and the style characteristics are more obvious. Foshan ceramics first-line brand modern antique tiles are more free in design and have no limitations in style. Incorporating design elements such as fabric, wood grain, cement, etc., can present different spatial visual effects and more changeable.

The modern antique tiles of Overland Ceramics are made of various materials, which can be natural materials or a combination of multiple materials. Through the fusion of texture colors of cement, wood, stone, cloth, etc., a new material is presented, which is then applied in decoration.

Modern antique tiles with different laying methods will also show different visual effects. As the simplest form of paving, the square grid shows the charm of modern antique tiles in the most direct way before our eyes; the mixed wood grain laying method, multi-color, strong conflict of sight, and the texture of the modern antique tile itself , More shocking; diamond-shaped grid paved, messy but not chaotic, dislocation of space vision, let people have a novel sense of vision.

The full body marble tile has the realistic texture of natural stone, and combines the superior performance of ceramic tile and the characteristics of green environmental protection. It is deeply loved by people and has important significance for home decoration. The full body marble tile, abandoning the fragile properties of natural marble stone, is hard and wear-resistant. The whole body marble tile not only revives the tile, gives the tile new life, but also returns to the original appearance of the natural marble stone, whether it is texture or The texture is amazing.

The surface texture of the full body marble tile products of Overland Ceramics is scattered and orderly. Each texture presents the magic of nature, rich texture and color, as if it is flowing water that changes with the environment when it flows, and the texture is rich in layers. The effect meets people's demand for perfect home decoration.

Under the superb ceramic technology and ceramic equipment of Foshan ceramics first-line brand, the whole body marble tile not only makes the whole body marble tile have the characteristics of hardness, but also creates a delicate texture effect, which is a part that other tiles cannot compare.

Foshan ceramics' first-line brand of full-body marble tile products are formed through exquisite craftsmanship. Each full-body marble tile product is so smooth, smooth, pure and soft, like the warm sun in winter, so comfortable and natural.

The full body marble tiles are also very decorative. They can be matched with various home application spaces and scenes. The shocking decorative effect not only gives people a visual enjoyment, but also integrates people and the environment, and people and nature live in harmony.

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