Modern Chinese style style has a style that has grade, how to choose the more advanced ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-16
As we all know, a family to decorate when buying ceramic tile, need to consider many factors. Will tell from the tile itself, besides considering the practicality of the basic, but also beautiful. In this case, the beautiful sex, is not whether the pattern of design and color of ceramic tile itself is beautiful, but in the whole decorates adornment effect. In recent years, the modern Chinese style style is very popular. So, in the modern Chinese style style decorating ceramic tile of choose and buy, what need to be aware of? Modern Chinese style style and traditional Chinese style in ceramic tile is tie-in what's the difference? Modern Chinese style decorates characteristics of traditional Chinese style carved dragon painted chicken, glittering, always give a person the sense of of primitive simplicity, luxury heavy heavy and complicated, decorate in the family in appear too solemn and grand. The fast pace of modern life, pressure is big, people prefer light from Jane, free and comfortable, warm and comfortable home life space. Now it is in traditional Chinese style style is modified and simplified on the basis of Chinese style style, in keep original poetry, the cultural connotation at the same time, to reduce all the complicated decoration, emphasis on artistic conceptions of, appear more concise concise, fashion atmosphere. Modern Chinese style style collocation of modern Chinese style ceramic tile can say at the same time with the modern style of fashion contracted, and the antique Chinese style style, on the whole decorate appear light and refreshing. This collocation and choice of ceramic tile is also put forward the corresponding requirements, at the same time, the kinds of ceramic tile from the heavy traditional archaize brick restoring ancient ways, further extension, expand the possibility of more. Modern Chinese style style attaches great importance to the elegant artistic conception expression and rendering, refused to mo chongcai, the ceramic tile of design and color is gorgeous, more pure and fresh quietly elegant, in terms of colour collocation fastens to design simple atmospheric or plain tile. Modern Chinese style style collocation and applications of the ceramic tile species in the concrete, the contrast, capable of embodying the of the plain natural wood grain brick, with ink stone marble tile, static elegant modern archaize brick and downy wen wan light brick, can build a modern Chinese style style more years static good, poetic life space atmosphere. According to different domestic space, still can put a vector for ceramic tile kind of collocation. At the same time, still can use background wall ceramic tile, ceramic tile and tile spelling a flower small ceramic tile types, undertake personalized decoration. Through the above introduction, we can understand the modern traditional Chinese style and Chinese style style when decorate, the requirement of ceramic tile is not the same. Modern Chinese style style modern element and Chinese style style, should be considered it the ceramic tile of collocation not too flowery, mainly lies in the elegant and artistic conception.
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