Mosaic tiles rendering wholesale price details

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-02
Now online will have a lot of information about Mosaic tiles rendering wholesale price details, from the Mosaic tiles rendering in wholesale price details information we can come to the conclusion that a lot about Mosaic tiles rendering the knowledge of the wholesale price details of maintenance, the following is for us the information about Mosaic tiles rendering wholesale price details. Ding porcelain Mosaic tiles rendering wholesale price list brand: hin, type: archaize brick, specification: 600 * 600 mm, level: classy article, functional space: the kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, style: modern Chinese style, special purpose: anti-skid, pattern, color, pure color tile, surface effects: inferior smooth, compressive strength: more than 600, price: 6802 matte grey 11 yuan/piece, 6616 matte red 17 yuan/piece, 6606 matte shamrock 11 yuan/piece; Brand: the new source ceramics, specification: 600 * 1200 mm, product categories: body brick/bo changes a brick, series: marble, level: classy article, functional space: the living room, style: modern Chinese style, special purpose: anti-skid, design: Italian rice white hole stone, standard: GB/T4100 - 2006, surface effects: light, frost resistance, good thermal shock resistance: GB/T4100 - 2006, compressive strength: good, price: 30 - batch 299, 89 yuan/piece, 300 - 599 85 yuan/piece, & ge; 600 80 yuan/piece; Brand: Asia, the product category: / bo changes a brick, body brick series: E stone generation, level: excellent, style: European modern, special purpose: waterproof, design: optimal, standard: optimal, surface effects: light, specification: 800 * 800 mm, the price: & ge; 100 square meters, 90 yuan/square meters; Brand: in the champions league, the product category: unglazed, acid-resistant brick, brick level: level, producing area, henan, functional space: anti-corrosion surface, style: modern Chinese style, special purpose: skid resistance to acid and alkali, design: net surface, standard: GB/T8488 - 2008, the surface effect: anti-skid, price: 300 * 300 * 15 mm4. 20 yuan/piece, 300 * 300 * 20 mm4. 50 yuan/piece, 300 * 300 * 30 mm8. 60 yuan/piece; Product categories: crystal tile, brand: DEMI pandemic, series: impression Cezanne, origin: foshan, design: hand grasp lines, rating:, function space, sitting room, bedroom, background wall, style: European modern, surface effects: light, special purpose: prevent slippery, wear-resisting, anti-fouling, standard: 3 c authentication of ISO9002, specification: 800 * 800 mm, the price: 30 - batch 299, 36 yuan/piece, & ge; 300 pieces of 32 yuan/piece. Wholesale ceramic tile ceramic tile is it expensive to wholesale and retail is indeed, compared with that in wholesale or distributor directly with manufacturers wholesale price there is a gap. Wholesale will be more directly with manufacturers, but deficiency is not convenient to exchange, the manufacturer will not change for you there is something wrong with the individual brick, ceramic tile, if is not enough to buy again, reach a certain number of also can't give you the wholesale price, in the rest of the also won't give you a refund. From the hand of the distribution of wholesale, is essentially about the price, the more you buy the price, the better, may eventually than manufacturer's wholesale price, but can be in the adjustable back, usually also door-to-door delivery, by contrast, is also very appropriate. Above is the small make up for all concluded about the Mosaic tiles rendering wholesale price details some of the content, hope to be able to help you.
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