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Most popular styles and colours of kitchen tiles

Most popular styles and colours of kitchen tiles


It’s always so exciting for us to be able to supply our customers with the latest colours, patterns and styles for their new trends in the designs and colours of kitchen tiles. We’re constantly keeping in touch with our tile suppliers all over the world to make sure that we are working together to make the best quality products available for your home. So what are the hot new styles?

Keep that fresh look

Starting a tiling project or complete renovation of your kitchen is no mean feat and requires lots of planning and a generous budget. So when you’re choosing your grey kitchen tiles, you want to make sure that they are going to fit well with the rest of the kitchen design while looking stylish and on trend too. What you don’t want is to have that lovely fresh look which after a year or so begins to look outdated and in need of another upgrade. So it’s important to do your research with your local supplier before you buy and get samples too so that you can check if they look right in the space.

Vintage style and colour

The ever popular metro tiles are holding their own in the world of home decor and tiling. A versatile and suitable choice for bathroom and kitchen walls, they come in a huge range of colours which means that you can mix and match or create patterns and borders in contrasting colours to match your kitchen units and appliances if you’d like to. For some real vintage style, choosing the cream gloss ceramic tiles will give your kitchen a retro look and feel at an affordable price. 

The power of colour

Colours have the power to transform and enhance a room. Clever use of colour can make a room look bigger but choose wrongly and you risk making the room look dark and gloomy. The good news is that grey and green are still the hot colours for kitchen tiles this year along with neutral tones such as beige, cream and white. Where stronger colour tiles are chosen, they are generally used to create a feature wall to or accentuate a specific area such as an oven splashback. If it’s earthy tones that you’re after, the Stonehenge grey porcelain tile is worth a look. Perfect for walls and floors with a stylish matt finish, it’s a hard-wearing porcelain tile that will stand the test of time.

Adding texture

Creating striking effects and architectural patterns with textured tiles is right on trend at the moment and if you’re looking to add interest to an otherwise bland wall, this may be the choice for you. Alternatively you can create the illusion of a textured wood floor but with ceramic tiles which are more hard wearing and more reasonable in price too. The tile is a good option for a textured look which looks great when arranged in a herringbone pattern.


Glass mosaic tiles are a great way to introduce some colour to your scheme. They literally come in every shade and every colour combination too so you are sure to find a set that complements your new decor perfectly. You can choose to continue your earthy tones with accents in cream, green and brown or make a bold colour splash with a bright border or feature glass mosaic mirror wall for maximum impact. And as an added bonus, they’re hard-wearing and stain resistant too!

Making a statement

Statement patterned tiles, with intricate geometric shapes and graphics are a throwback to the 1920s and having a renaissance in the world of kitchen tiles. They look so eye catching as a feature floor or when used to accentuate a small area. You can use them as an alternative for your worktops too as ceramic tiles are heat and water resistant and if they’re treated properly, they won’t stain either.

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