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Natural ash, the most beautiful design of life temperature

Natural ash, the most beautiful design of life temperature


Beautiful design comes from our diligent pursuit of the quality of life; the original intention of design is to find the best living space and achieve the wishes of the host.

What is tile for home decoration materials for design? Ceramic tile is the background, skin and expression of space.

High quality ceramic tile will make the whole space vivid because of the details. Irvine plain modern brick pays attention to "instant quiet high-grade gray". From the level of product manufacturing, scientific and technological parameters are used to ensure the accuracy of product tone reduction, so as to keep the gray tone clean and comfortable.

To create beauty, we need to be good at discovering beauty. Together with Xiaobian, let's see how the beautiful high-level grey space is designed.

This design takes the temperature of life as the clue, starts from the spatial layout, centers on the TV background wall, and conceives the construction of various field situations by divergent thinking. On the whole, natural grey is the main color of the design, while the temperament of the building, but to the temperature of life as the style.

In the open air, the design focuses on the control of the relationship between guests and restaurants. Designers emphasize the penetration and perfection of functions through the TV main wall in the form of furniture.

They extend the open social kitchen to its living room function and the transformation of the use situation. In the continuation design of the dining area, they also highlight the wine cellar and the center. Functional design of kitchen.

On the other side of the horizontal design axis, the master bedroom conceals the study and cloakroom, while the two daughters'playroom extends to two separate bedrooms.

In the design of open space, the relationship between the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bar is very important, not only the interconnection, but also reflect the independence and their functional properties.

Design is a combination of aesthetics and function, and a balance between sensibility and reason.

From the perceptual point of view, the designer pays special attention to the relationship between the host's care and guardianship for the home. The design of space and the use of materials are all aimed at seeking the temperature of life, with wood as the main body to match metal elements, emphasizing the fineness of the process, as the host's pursuit of life feelings.

Project Name: Daily axis
Venue: Taipei, Taiwan, China
Design company: near border production
Main design: Tang Zhonghan
Design team: Ceng Yongjie
Completion time: 2018
Designer: Zhong Wei
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