Negative ion ceramic tile to household air quality improved a great height

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-26
In recent years, more and more people like to go to the original ecological scenic spot for high pressure life a bit of breathing time enjoying a find the scenery pleasing to both the landscape and tempting or pure air when it comes to good credit is the 'anion' then what is in the air 'anion'. Gas molecules in the air anion is negatively charged. Anion can purify the air so as to improve the ecological environment, also known as 'air vitamin'. The atmosphere is affected by factors such as uv, thunderstorm ionizes the, electronic combined with gas molecules become negative ions. A waterfall, under the action of impact in the process of heavy rain and other natural produce anion. Forest trees, leaf branch discharge and green plants photosynthesis produce anion. Part of the crustal rocks to release negative ions. Air negative ions is constantly in the nature, and disappearing, to keep dynamic balance. Negative ion ceramic tile: redefining the value of ceramic tile, ceramic tile products achieving the target of 'beautify the living environment'. Ordinary ceramic tile can only beautify the living space of the exterior environment, namely, see part; Negative ion ceramic tile in the beautification of the external environment at the same time, the essence of life in space environment did beautification, namely feel part. What is the principle of anion ceramic tile produce anion? Negative ion ceramic tile is a natural mineral raw materials, at the same time use the national invention patent technology, motivated by the water molecules in the air, causing a large number of air negative ions; Negative ions can effectively degrade PM2 in the air. 5, PM10, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, purify air. The current domestic urban environment pollution is serious, indoor decoration of gas such as formaldehyde pollution, more make the air quality of residential space difficult to meet the health standards, negative ion ceramic tile launch is effective to solve the above problem, by generating negative ions decomposition of various harmful substances in the air, in addition to formaldehyde, dispelling peculiar smell, air purification effect. Negative ion ceramic tile or ceramic tile on ontology, radioactive to perform 3 c standard also is very strict, natural won't has the problem of overweight. Of course, when negative ion ceramic tile of choose and buy to choose is very important to brand! Anion ceramic tile is a can produce negative ions, purify air health ceramic tile, can be effective in addition to formaldehyde, dispelling peculiar smell, is a 'Nemesis' interior decoration pollution sources. Each sold a piece of tile, is a contribution to the family clean air!
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