Negative ions and the difference between ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-27
Now more and more developed science and technology, every industry in the development of fast, ceramic tile is not exceptional also, ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile is not before, now a lot of the ceramic tile of multi-function gradually entered the market, including negative ion ceramic tile, so the question becomes, negative ion ceramic tile what is, and than ordinary ceramic tile, the role of anion ceramic tile have? Small make up today as you say. Negative ion ceramic tile, just as its name implies is the ceramic tile with functions of negative ions, the main concept of green, healthy and sustainable development. As we all know, air negative ions is a kind of negatively charged gas ion, deodorant antibacterial sterilization and dust removal, improve body immunity, improve heart function, and the function of the positive charge, can be pure and fresh air, to reduce the radiation of human science and technology on the human body. Process, the ordinary ceramic tile after crushing, fine grinding, drying and calcine, etc. Sintering temperature is in commonly below one thousand degrees Celsius, does not need precise temperature control. Generally do not need to processing. Negative ion ceramic tile need complicated processing technology, adopts advanced technology of the precision control of sintering, requires precise temperature control. Performance, anion than ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile good aseismic performance, and higher wear resistance, no color, no radiation pollution, can release negative ions, can purify indoor air. Ordinary ceramic tile may contain traces of radiation, not very environmentally friendly.
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