New Chinese style to decorate ceramic tile is very important

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-17
With the augmentation of the national power, national self-confidence, rise of the tide culture, reflected in the household decoration industry, is a new Chinese style household style by the attention of more consumers and choice. However, the new Chinese style household style to decorate and the different unique flavor, but it is not easy. Part owner in ceramic tile when select material even met with difficulties, don't know which one should match the tiles, how to match. Today, small make up teach you how to use ceramic tile to match a high level of appearance, character of the new Chinese style household style. Before ceramic tile is tie-in, need to have certain knowledge of new Chinese style household style. New Chinese style household style can be said to be in line with Chinese style household style, in order to cater to the modern aesthetic household, in traditional Chinese culture, on the basis of paring down, simplify the adornment of a lot too burdensome, focus is to build the household atmosphere of elegant poetry, outstanding traditional culture & other; God & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Meaning & throughout; 。 So, in the ceramic tile on collocation, new Chinese style household style and Chinese style household style should be different. More common, which is used to match the ceramic tile of new Chinese style household style category are: archaize brick, wood grain brick and tile marble. Archaize brick and with modern archaize brick, the more suitable with the new Chinese style household style. Modern archaize brick with historical and cultural attributes, with restoring ancient ways do old decorative texture, can effectively embody the new Chinese style household style cultural connotation; Ceramic tile surface texture design more contracted modern at the same time, at the same time in the highlight of massiness, won't appear too complicated. And the adornment of the wood grain brick texture from the original wood texture, can achieve the result of lifelike imitation degree. In history, wood has long been used as the main material of architectural decoration, is the most close relations with people, have the temperature of the material. Using wood grain brick instead of wood, as a new Chinese style household style wall ground adornment material, not only can reflect the characteristics of traditional household, close the distance between the human and material, also can make up for the practical defect of real wood. In addition, marble tile is used in the new Chinese style household style common kinds of ceramic tile. Moreover, in order to better match with style, many manufacturers have introduce you to the ink painting texture, color elegant marble tile products. And archaize brick, wood grain brick, marble tile also has advantages in terms of specifications. Large size of marble tiles can reflect the texture effect, expression of artistic conception is more complete, more can also show the atmosphere of household space. So, in addition to the above three kinds of ceramic tile category, there are other ceramic tile product can be used to decorate the new Chinese style household style?
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