New house decorate problem you need to know

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-10
Decorate new house decorate problem you need to know: are you in front of the world looking for picking the 'perfect' decorate a style '' decorate' decorate a design 'and so on, but the result is not so ideal, not improper collocation, is serious color, quality problem, is really annoying! Decorate a season every year, this kind of circumstance is too much, waste of time and effort is a waste of money, think love dearly. In decorating a house sitting room, the sitting room is important, the equivalent of a person's face, open upon whether you think the relatives and friends come to visit you is to see the living room. So what needs to be selected on the ceramic tile in the sitting room? Light color wear-resisting commonly polishing ceramic tile is better, to keep out the ash layer can let a sitting room looks clean wear-resisting, children playing in the living room to ceramic tile also had little impact. The kitchen also is needs to expend idea, the kitchen has long been at high temperature and under the condition of oil pollution, so the kitchen general advice with non-slip to bear or endure dirty, not recommended bibulous rate is high, permeability strong material. Better is to use smooth or dumb smooth glazed pottery, light color series of cool color inferior smooth ceramic tile is exquisite, burnish is simple, can make 'vogue' the effect. Ceramic tile of toilet is to focus on slippery prevent leakage and stain resistant, light color or prevent slippery wear-resisting performance better glazed pottery, toilet is not very big, use a light can appear the space is more capacious, and glazed tile prevent slippery effect is good. Balcony ceramic tile, some don't but stick ceramics would be better to do, after all the wind and rain, often more clothes ah, ceramic tile to use on this aging resistance, permeability resistance strong have to economical Overland small specifications prevent slippery tile, color can use on dark point is relatively easy to do, add some small decorative pattern that which is good. Bedroom tile good warm color to move, because we need time to rest comfortable environment, it has great benefits for our physical and mental health, must choose no radiation, good quality of polishing tile. Home decorate main skills in this way, probably need friends can collect or to our website to contact us. The hope can help you.
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