New trend in the home installs colour - 2020 Classic blue tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-27
Since 2000, pantone color authority ( Pantone) Every year, choose a color as a representative of the next year's color. And in the next year, the color will be widely applied to each big brand and graphic design, costume design, industrial design, furniture design and other fields. Not long ago, the Pantone Pantone released 2020 annual color - — Classic Blue Classic Blue, conveniently for ceramic tile, Classic Blue series floor tile, ceramic tile leading ceramic tile decoration color new trends in 2020. More details on ceramic tile's official website: https://www. winto100。 Com home outfit colour after uv color, orange after the jump, living coral color finally 'quiet' down for the year of 2020. Official interpretation of the classic blue is a eternal immortal blue attune, reveal elegant simplicity. Like when the dusk sky, thought-provoking, reassuring. So, annual fashion colour application on the interior decoration of ceramic tile, can present a how can surprise effect. 。 。 And small make up stretch to see ceramic tile manufacturer: first of all, love life, love classic blue tiles - - Light of luxury, simple, delicate health net world tile | TPGMW157032 ( Sapphire) Pantone color (750 x 1500 mm Classic blue) Use color supplement let a person feel comfortable and peaceful on the vision, is helpful to alleviate fatigue, every day to fall in love with life, fall in love with ceramic tile, rational, natural, elegant pay more attention to ceramic tile's official website: https://www. winto100。 Com big board | TPG1890174A/B/C/D/E/F ( Blue rose) 900 x 1800 mm like minimalist Nordic amorous feelings, then choose the colour of the minimalist life space will become simple and beautiful, give heart a piece of pure land. Fall in love with life, fall in love with ceramic tile, facing the arrival of 2020 Pantone with classic blue issue Love& Blessing of Peace, I wish people can go beyond the ordinary, expand horizons open Marty natalegawa, create may, as tile will wish send to product, let consumer life become beautiful! Saw this article recommended: surges youth choose the ceramic tile of style
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