One minute quick knowledge of metal ceramic tile brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-05
The variety of ceramic tile, the product quantity is very large. In addition to some of our more familiar, decorate in the family is common used in the ceramic tile of the category, there are also some ceramic tile category more local space is used in household decoration, or just pop in a small number of owners group. Metal ceramic tile brick is a kind of relatively small, and even a lot of people don't know how this kind of ceramic tile. But in recent years, along with industrial decorate a style of popular, is also more and more to know and understand all of the owner. So, what is the metal brick, it has what characteristics, in adornment applications which space is mainly used for? Metal brick are introduced from abroad, also is a kind of archaize brick, the main features of different from other ceramic tile, reflect on the surface decoration effect is different. You can see from the name, metal brick is reduction of metal texture and texture of ceramic tile. The production process of understanding, from the metal block is that it exerts in the process of production of a layer of metal glaze, then through high heat sintering. This glazing process was conducted on the ceramic tile body, is the metal tile can have the key to metallic simple sense. Of high temperature sintering metal brick, design and color is rich and stable, bright color, delicate texture, can show the gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other different kinds of metal material of adornment effect, still can imitate metal rust after visual effect. More common metal tile on the market, including imitation iron metal brick, imitation copper tile and brick imitation of aluminum metal. This brick of 3 kinds of metal because the price is moderate, adornment effect is good, decorate in the practical applications is relatively wide. And, of course, the price is quite high metal brick, such as the shape design of different metal cutting brick, is less used in home decoration, more and more applied in some main industries of decorate a style to a fancy restaurant, coffee shop, workshop and other tools. In the actual space use of concrete and metal brick not only can be used in outdoor metope adornment, through the line of design, for the ornament of details; Local, but also can decorate indoor metope by bright color, improve the grade of the decoration as a whole. In addition, the metal tile also has often been used in industrial air space of the build. Industrial wind household is a highlight fashion personality, the natural rough decorate a style, often present a rough plain with messy graffiti on the vision of the beauty, can apply to many metal elements in design. Congenital brick with metal texture and texture of the metal, and industrial combination of wind is decorated so look very natural. That is the characteristics of the metal, brick, decorative effect and space applications introduce!
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