One minute to quickly understand ceramic tile bo changes a brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-02
The brick is one of the domestic market appears the earliest ceramic tile ceramic tile category. Along with the advance of ceramic tile production technology and production process, and the polished tile, glazed ceramic brick, bo changes a brick and tile category. As enhanced body brick and polishing brick, bo changes a brick without polishing processing, can achieve smooth bright of glazed ceramic tiles, effectively improve the polishing brick is not enough light, and glazed ceramic tile is not the problem of wear resistance. Bo changes a brick, then, is what, have what features, its function is really so strong? One minute to quickly understand bo changes a brick! What is bo changes a brick in order to make it easier to understand and memory, at the same time better highlight characteristics of different ceramic tile category window, the naming of ceramic tile are usually easy to understand, such as antique do old archaize brick, imitation wood grain of wood grain brick, after polishing treatment of polishing brick, etc. Bo changes a brick, however, is not so easy to understand. What is & other; Bo changes throughout the &; The word that the bo changes a brick have the characteristics of what? In fact, bo changes a brick is also known as porcelain polished tile. Bo changes a brick, however, does not need after polishing process. It is on the basis of the brick, add appropriate amount of quartz, according to requirements of the proportion of soil in the high temperature burn, after polishing processing, can complete all the process. In this process, bo changes a brick requires the use of more advanced press, have a higher technological level, and firing temperature and pressing density is also higher, eventually to achieve the effect of fully vitrified. Produced by the bo changes a brick, surface smooth, bright and clean, fresh as a mirror, strong stiffness can compare with glass, the so called & other; Bo changes a brick & throughout; 。 The advantages and disadvantages of bo changes a brick bo changes a brick mainly reflected in the advantages of high stiffness, bearing capacity and better wear resistance, not easily scratched. Also some owners through water absorption test to 0. The bibulous rate of 5% as a dividing line, to distinguish between contrast, bibulous rate is higher is polishing brick, bo changes a brick is lower. In fact, from the bo changes a brick production can also see that bo changes a brick is the upgrade and strengthen polishing brick, at the same time retain the advantages of polishing brick, due to no longer after polishing process, the surface will not produce the apparent porosity, thus improved the defects of polishing brick is not resistant to dirty. Bo changes a brick, however, for the decorative pattern is also dependent on the body texture pattern, lack of the possibility of more design innovation, and therefore is not well solve the problem of polishing brick color single. In addition, bo changes a brick production requirements higher, make its cost is relatively high, which affect the market sales price higher normal polishing brick. In actual bo changes a brick of choose and buy when, of course, we also identify specific product quality!
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