One minute to quickly understand ceramic tile cement block

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-02
Cement block as subdivision category of archaize brick, step by step from the ceramic tile, to more and more domestic outfit consumer know, know, passed a long time. Cement block as part of the visual decorative ceramic tile, suitable and popular application in the minimalist style, the Nordic style, contemporary and contracted style, industrial and other decorate a style. So, what is cement block, it has the characteristic which, how to practical application? One minute quick cement block knowledge! Cement block features mentioned here cement block, especially has the adornment effect of the cement solidification of archaize brick, and other ceramic tile, the difference between the main body in the design and color of surface texture and pattern texture; Don't mean that with cement and sand through mixing, piece, is used to build by laying bricks or stones wall made of bricks. As the branch of archaize brick, concrete block with archaize brick restoring ancient ways do old face, is helpful to create a space of culture temperament and atmosphere. As a special imitate cement floor tile of simple sense, cement block at the same time have a straightforward simple, low-key high cold side. Cement block because of the application of cement brick has a unique decorative effect, not only suitable for use in a building with artistic and cultural taste of home decoration, often used in fashionable avant-courier, extremely individual character style of sex apathy, industrial style decoration, also suitable for use in a comfortable home design, composed and quiet atmosphere. At present, cement block for more high-grade coffee shop, restaurant, home in decorating, art studios, etc. In the adornment of the specific application, cement block can be leading role, has been applied for wall ground tile decoration; The ornament of partial space can also be a supporting role. Cement block texture, style diversity, can also make a concave and convex stereoscopic effect, presents the different space effect. Cement block promotion given to cement block due to concrete with natural style, personalized decorative features, popular in European and American countries, domestic is mainly popular in the community. Gray cement block, or deep or shallow grain, cement floor and name the natural formation of the cracks, show the simple sense after years of grinding time, attracted many designer's attention and interest. Under the impetus of the designer group, at the same time, with the continuous development of modern decoration, younger and multiple personality become the new fashion trend decorate. Tend to return to life, simple plain cement block, more and more get the favour of consumer groups of young home outfit. In the category of ceramic tile, although the market share accounted for the cement block is not big, but it has its own irreplaceable and unique decoration applications.
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