One minute to quickly understand ceramic tile ceramic top ten brand of knowledge background wall

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-05
For most people, setting wall is not strange. Usually at home on the metope of the sitting room, porch, study, etc, used for decoration. Setting wall is mainly include natural marble and ceramic tile wall background wall. The ordinary family is decorated in, more is to use ceramic tile background wall. So, what is setting wall ceramic tile, ceramic tile and other have what distinction, have what advantages and disadvantages, how to apply? One minute to quickly understand ceramic tile background wall! The characteristics of the background wall ceramic tile ceramic tile setting wall is also known as art background wall, is through the special technology, carved on the different types of ceramic tile or printed out all sorts of beautiful design, decoration indoor metope. Its production process is relatively complex, generally require colorful, crystal, sandblasting, carved, paint, water knife spelling a flower, embossing process. In terms of material, use more widely including all glazed ceramic and microlite. All glazed ceramic wall of setting of design and color, design style is increasing, delicate texture, bright and clean and bright; Microcrystalline background wall surface with a layer of glaze layer, feel smooth, high gloss, as in the figure is covered with a layer of crystal glass, so as to enrich the design and color of ceramic tile background wall design. The advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile ceramic tile of the specifications of the setting wall is given priority to with 600 mm and 800 mm. As indoor metope adornment of household, its advantage is mainly reflected in three aspects. First, setting wall ceramic tile has diversified design, can meet the Europe type, new Chinese style, American, Jane, the need of modern wait for all sorts of household decorates a style. Second, setting wall ceramic tile can be customization design design and color, size, etc, to meet the personalized needs of owners. In addition, the practical performance of setting wall ceramic tile is strong, bibulous rate is low, high density, long service life, wear resistance, fight corrupt moistureproof, easy to clean. Accordingly, setting wall ceramic tile also has its disadvantages, mainly reflected in the sales price is high, long production period, the construction of the shop is stuck is difficult and requires higher. Ceramic tile setting wall space of the application in practical applications, due to the ceramic tile setting wall is gorgeous, colorful, can improve the grade of the whole family to decorate, therefore are popular with many owners. Ceramic tile setting wall of applications include finished product design, customization, splicing and characteristic background wall, usually used in TV setting wall, sofa setting wall and porch background wall. On the one hand, it is to decorate and populate the metope, reduce hollowness, decorate to upgrade; On the other hand, the design of ceramic tile setting wall effect, also reflects the household master aesthetic interest and taste of life. Besides, the function such as part of the family in the dining room, bedroom, study room, also can choose ceramic tile background wall metope adornment collocation.
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