One minute to quickly understand ceramic tile the big board of knowledge

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-03
A few years earlier, ceramic plate has appeared in the domestic building materials market, but not like in foreign markets. Until these two years, as the change of new markets, new consumption, ceramic plate got the favour of the high-end home market. So, why pop, ceramic plate on its application in decoration has advantages and disadvantages? What is a big board as a kind of ceramic tile category, consumers can easily equate big board with large size tiles. Specification is a big board, of course, be the most obvious characteristics, but not the only difference and other ceramic tile. The domestic market the specification is usually placed in 800 ㎜ & times; More than 800 ㎜ ceramic tile, known as the large size. The specification of ceramic plate can do 1200 & times; More than 2400 ㎜, worthy of the name & other; Big & throughout; 。 And the same as the large size in comparison with the ceramic plate of ceramic tile, the big board in addition to the larger, specifications to further enrich, also on the thickness of the offset and perfect, broke the thickness of the sheet is not more than 6 ㎜ standard, the thickness of the thicker and there is no specific limit, expand the application scope of space decoration, from suitable & other; On the wall & throughout; To realize the & other; Throughout the fields &; The shop is stuck. Big board in addition to this, the advantages of ceramic plate from internal performance and decorative effect to product application, has its own unique advantages. Big ceramic plate specification, and is suitable for the whole big family shop is stuck, not only can increase dimensional feeling and expansiveness, reveal the grade, more the atmosphere; And can reduce the occurrence of brick joints when the shop is stuck, implementation & other; Seamless brick & throughout; , more suitable for creating the household style of contemporary and contracted, and can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance of health. Application of ceramic plate is more extensive. Due to the ceramic sheet thickness thinner, bearing performance is poor, not suitable for application as a floor tile. Appearance of ceramic plate, making large size ceramic tile & other; Throughout the fields &; The shop is stuck. In addition, the ceramic plate also be applied to household products, appear as mesa, desktop, veneer, enrich the application range of ceramic plate. The disadvantage of large plate, however, ceramic plate has so many advantages, why has not been widely applied? The main cause of this phenomenon has three big aspects. Owing to the high production requirements, first of all, the ceramic plate manufacturing cost is high, sales price is higher, the ordinary families cannot afford to. Second, ceramic plate is more suitable for large family, the use of large space, can highlight the adornment of the large size effect and advantage; Although the big board can free cutting, construction difficulty and the cost will increase accordingly. Finally, ceramic plate, heavy weight, because of the large size must be 2 brick workers construction at the same time, also causes the construction cost.
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