One minute to quickly understand the knowledge of ceramic tile of grain brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-03
Wood grain brick is a kind of archaize brick niche categories. Because of wood grain brick with unique imitation wood texture, can be used as a substitute for wooden floor, and by the vast number of domestic outfit consumer groups like. However, advantages and disadvantages of clear wood grain brick, in spite of his flaws or yu not mask defect? One minute to quickly understand the characteristics of the wood grain brick. What is wood grain brick in ceramic tile the technique and technology in the process of continuous development, appeared by doing the old, the ceramic tile of retro effect, is archaize brick. Archaize brick pattern of design and color is very rich and colorful, which also has the effect of imitation wood texture, and popular, and gradually become independent category, ceramic tile is the wood grain brick. The main characteristics of wood grain brick and texture is imitation wood adornment effect. Wood grain brick from the specifications, and other ceramic tile has a larger difference, in order to simulate of the specifications of the wooden floor, give priority to with elongated, width from 150 ㎜ - 600 ㎜, usually between 600 ㎜ - length Between 1000 ㎜. Fire bricks produced is elongated wood grain, wood grain brick is known as the original edge; Fire to produce the wood grain brick is square, takes the late processing cutting be elongated and then to the shop is stuck, is called the hardcover side wood grain brick. The advantage of wood grain brick as wood floor more and more get people in the interior decoration, wood grain brick advance, become the substitute of wooden floor, get the favour of the market. So why can replace wood grain brick wood, has become the darling of the market? It is with the advantages of wood grain brick. First wood grain brick have prevent slippery archaize brick, dirty, resistance to acid and alkali resistance, soft luster. And compare the wooden floor be affected with damp be affected with damp easily breed bacteria, mildew corrosion, waterproof properties, antibacterial properties of wood grain brick is better. Wood grain brick imitation wood texture and texture at the same time, can visually distinct reduction effect of solid wood, adornment sex is strong. Another of the specifications of the wood grain brick is small, the shop is stuck in the actual construction can effectively reduce loss, save decoration cost. The inferiority of wood grain brick wood grain brick faults mainly embody in three aspects. First of all, the wood grain brick is modelled on the wood grain texture, and vivid imitation always also not as good as native wood, and ceramic tile feels cold cool, unable to imitate the comfortable foot feeling of lumber. Second, compared with other ordinary ceramic tile, wood grain brick is not low the price of the single chip. Finally, because the wood grain brick size is small, the same size need to be more than the number of the shop is stuck, and also more slit number, the slit harder, cause the cost of wood grain brick pavement is much higher than other ceramic tile products. In conclusion, although wood grain brick ointment, but in spite of his flaws. Like wood grain effect and practical stronger, can consider to proceed with wood grain brick.
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