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Overland ceramics natural ceramic tile from China for pool

Overland ceramics natural ceramic tile from China for pool

Overland ceramics natural ceramic tile from China for pool

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Porcelain tile
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Company Advantages
1. Overland ceramics ceramic tile is manufactured according to the regulations for electric appliances. Its Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), ability to resist electric arc, overload protection, and heat dissipation capability have been assessed to at a qualified level. The product is stylish and easy to install
2. The product can stand the test of time. It is incredibly durable to be used in the regions easily susceptible to natural disasters. The product is ideal for both walls and floors
3. This product gives the merchandise a completely different presentation – not only in terms of optimizing how well they are noticed but also making them readily accessible. It is more slip resistant compared to ordinary tiles

High-end patented products such as Irvine inkjet microcrystals and full throw contain the latest technological and artistic achievements, which have attracted wide attention of the industry and led the direction of technological development of the industry. At the same time, Owenlai quartzite, which is characterized by pure, big and hard, is more respected as a hot trend of architectural decoration in the future, and has been designated for use in various large-scale engineering projects.

Product parameters

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【 Product number 】QI8P2905
【 Texture 】Basalt (22 sides)
【 English name 】GREY STONE SERIES
【 Grayscale 】35-
【 Style 】Basalt style
【 Light sensitivity 】90 degree high gloss
【 Product size 】800×800
【 Skid resistance 】R9
【 Touch 】Mirror surface

Product glory

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Irvine products have high hardness, longer service life, no easy scratch, knock resistance, and can be used in places with high strength. The performance of ultra-low water absorption reflects that it is not easy to deform: ultra-low water absorption products have good stability and will not easily deform over time; thermal expansion and cold contraction after tile paving are not obvious. To better ensure the quality of construction.

Product features

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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
Overland ceramics natural ceramic tile from China for pool-4
Overland ceramics natural ceramic tile from China for pool-5
Living room, bedroom, dining room, background wall, Hotel lobby, etc.

Product question

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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

About feedback

For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.

Company Features
1. Strong scientific research makes Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd stay ahead of other companies in the ceramic tile industry.
2. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd makes every effort to provide the best ceramic tile for customers. Contact us!
If you’re wondering with hard stone and tiles on daily basis you should have this drill bits
Great looking tile, moderately priced, came in undamaged, and the job came out outstanding.
This tile is good quality tile, has a thick surface coating and not easily scratch-able. The only downfall I had was I got one less sheet of tile in the box than originally stated.
We ordered these for our shower in the Cayman Islands. They look and feel lovely!
These drill bits are extremely fast and chew through the hardest of materials including porcelain. Simply thread them onto your grinder without the need to
Gorgeous accent tile. Subtle and sweet. Love it in my shower.
Work great especially for the money.
I cut these apart for my ceiling mosaic and they really are a great addition. Super easy to install, high quality tile.
I needed to install an air pressure button for my garbage disposal through a granite counter and drill from the bottom. I couldn't use wet so this dry saw was the only way I could get it done. Only took about 120 seconds through one inch with the 1-1/4" saw. Fantastic!
Great cutting and extremely quick through porcelain tile, a versatile set for sizes and great price
Love it but it's not off white and white like the description says. just all white
The colors are perfect. Be aware that the size and shape of the mosaic tiles are different than pictured.
This a great buy! Although the picture on Amazon doesn't show the true color(remember this is Pink), I did see from other websites better picture but Amazon has the best prices. Our contractor just put them in today, and it is just beautiful. We are very happy with the quality, shipment and the turn out
I just had my tile installed around tub, steam room walls and ceiling. The tile guy does tile for a living and had not tried these and was very impressed. No guide needed to start hole because they cut so smoothly. I have never used one and I drilled the holes out perfectly for him.
Top for tile
Really pretty, quality
All bars went in very easy. Unfortunately the original knob holes were not drilled using a template by the cabinet installer and therefore I had to use a combination square to ensure the holes were aligned properly. The color offsets the cabinet color and makes a very nice combination.
We were so pleasantly surprised with these bar handles. They look as good as the ones that cost $8 each.
this is a great product easy to use cleans great without chemicals and cleans in know time at all. The little disk that comes with it makes the house smell great!
Last 2 years we have used the steam mob max of 15 times as we got the cleaners. Reservoir cap started giving up few months back. It looks like lot of consumers are having same issue.
Why did I wait so long to buy this??? OMG!! Cleaning my huge tile area is now a total non-issue. Heats up super fast, water tank last long time, dissolves dirt and kitchen spills in seconds, leaves NO sticky residue after cleaning, easy to maneuver. FABULOUS product!!!
Love it! Does a great job on my kitchen linoleum and on my hard wood. Best purchase ever.
Steam cleaning our hardwood floors is a breeze with this Bissell steam cleaner. Easy to use and not heavy at all.
This is the best thing since mom's apple pie! No kidding, it works great, even cleans grout!!! I would recommend ordering extra mop heads if you have a lot of tile to clean, they're washable.
I was so excited to get this in the mail and it lived up to everything I thought it would! Such an amazing mop and I love the way it cleans my floors. The scrub brush on the back is great for getting those messes that just will not come up easily! No more regular mops for me!
Love it, works great for my tile floors. Pushes smoothly, like better than my old Shark steam mop.
I really like this product.. I have see a difference in my floors the first day.... my floor is not completely clean in the grout area but getting there...
I would give this 10 stars if I could. So we have a new puppy. This is heaven scent, literally. My house smells supper clean. With each use my tile grout gets cleaner and cleaner. Works awesome on hardwood floor and tile. My shoes squeak on tile :). I don't feel the need for an annoying mom anymore. I sweep and then I steam...done. Water goes a very long way; you don't have to keep refilling like with other steamers.
Just what I needed for my Mosaic pieces I will be purchasing again
awesome product and really cleans quickly and easily. Wish I would have purchased sooner.
The Bissell 1940 steam floor cleaner is a great product and I highly recommend it! I would also add not to purchase the Shark it is an inferior machine compared to the Bissell. The Bissell is easy to use, and does a great job cleaning the floors. We used the mop head for our tile floors and the rug attachment which worked great. Filling the water bottle which is removable is a lot easier then trying to lift the entire machine, which is how you have to fill the Shark. It is recommended that you use distilled water to reduce mineral deposits. The water bottle holds about 2 cups and goes a long way. On the middle of 3 settings we did our kitchen, laundry room, master bathroom and foyer and still had half the bottle of water left. The scent discs are a great added feature, it comes with 2 discs but we just ordered an 8 pack. The mop pad is very easy to attach and remove. The electric cord is very long, with a quick release option to unwind the cord when ready for use.
It's fine though not as usuful in smalll spaces.
This is a great little device. It heats up quickly, it is very manueverable and easy to use and it cleans floors like nothing else. We have 3 large dogs that are always in the house. In Oregon, in the winter, that means lots of mud on our laminate floors. One mopping with this and the floors are spotless. REALLY! Wiping up a spill after mopping one day I noticed something I had never seen before... No grit on he clean-up rag, just the spilled water. WOW! I will be very comfortable to have my grandson crawling around on the floors now. It is so easy to use and makes mopping floors a breeeze. I've even used it to steam freshen our throw rugs. YES, you do have to swep or vacuum before you use it, but it is so much simpler the vac and mop devices and it's lighter, easier to use and store. I liked it so much; I bought a McCullough canister steam cleaner to steam clean everything. It is also a great little machine but I still use this for everyday clean-ups. I would reccomend this to anyone who wants spotlessly clean hard floors.
This is THE BEST mop I’ve ever had! And I have had more than I can count. I have 3 dogs, two kids, and a hubby. Every mop I’ve used requires more elbow grease than I have. Well not anymore! This mop effortlessly cleans all the spills and marks with just water! And the scent pad smells AMAZING! I no longer mind mopping now. I run my roomba then use my Boswell Powerfresh. It heats up in seconds. When I’m done I throw the mop cover in the wash and I’m done. Never going back to a regular mop again!
I really love my steam mop. I had a hard time deciding on one. I read all the reviews then even looked up online to consumer reports. They rated this one at the top of list so decided to give it a try. Its very easy to use, heats up real fast and works great. It has 3 settings for the steam level, so you can use light cleaning, medium duty or high steam for really dirty floors. I hate mopping but this makes it so easy and fast I actually enjoy using it. Its weird I know but when the washable pad looks kinda dirty when I get done mopping, it makes me say "Wow look how clean I got my floor". I should be saying, "Wow look how dirty my floors were!" :) Life is busy, now I know my floors are clean after I mop. No more dirty water in the bucket, just clean floors.
This steam mop finally got rid of bad smell from potty training with hardwood floors in powder room so eternally grateful for that. I do wish there was some type of lemon smell that could be added to the water to leave an extra pleasant odor. It’s unclear if the tablets it came with can be used over and over again?
I've invested a lot over the years in time saver floor cleaner products - specifically various versions of the Swiffer that requires the cleaning liquid dispensed by a trigger. They prove very expensive over time for two reasons - constant purchases of the cleaning fluids, and the fact that they break mid handle because you have to apply so much pressure to remove spots from the floor. I can't say enough about how much better a product this Bissell is. No products to buy and the steam powers through the toughest spots with no problem at all. There is no need for force or pressure and it takes about a quarter of the time to do my floors. The pads are washable and come out ready to go. Further, I feel like my floors are truly clean, not just wiped and deodorized. I rarely write reviews. This is worth your money.
Easy to assemble and use. I've used it a couple of times since being purchased, and it does a good job of cleaning my tile floors. Nice not to have to get down on hands and knees to scrub from a bucket. Worth the purchase price.
This is the BEST steam mp. This is my third steam mop, but by far the best. My floors have never looked so clean!
I love my steam mop! It's a good size tank, and easy to use to clean. I only wish it had an on/off switch on it, instead of having to plug it in or unplug it, but at least you can turn the steam off if need be. I have 2 cats and a German shepherd, and this mop is great for mopping up any extra hair after sweeping.
It didn’t clean my grout like it did for others but it got the job done I suppose.
I was shocked at how much better this mop is than the Shark it replaced. You can set the steam level, turn it off, stand it up and leave it, and it is easy to fill with no funnels or extra tools.
good cleaner, easy to use. had to take a star because I can't get the water tank off without a butter knife.
Why did I wait so long to get a steam mop? I have only had a few weeks but oh what a difference it makes on my back. And it cleans great too. If anything happens to it I will update the post.
This is my second steam mop, and I like this one much better. The ceramic floors really feel clean and look sparkling. Unlike the last mop, you need to wait a bit before you can pick the amount of steam to use. Don't be impatient! This is a great cleaner.
Daughter that we sent this to is pleased with her Bissell Power Steam Mop! Thank You for the ease in gifting.
Can't believe how dirty my floors get and how they squeak after I'm done.
Great steamer, works well. I’ve had for several months now and still going great. Brought extra pads. When cleaning I use 4 to 5 pads to clean my house, I have a big house with 4 kids and it does the job. When water runs out just fill it up and go again. I use distilled water add a couple drops of Lysol
Can't use bleach or powder detergent (like Oxyclean) on the cleaning pads, so they don't come clean, even after liberally treating with Shout, and soaking. Which inevitably leads to a chemical smelling vapor as you steam. I don't use the scented inserts, trying to cut back on chemicals in the house. Also, can't put pads in dryer, so they have to be hung to dry. We do have to use an extension cord for some areas, but our house is big. Otherwise, the machine works well on our limestone floors.
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