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Overland ceramics porcelain ceramic tile directly price for pool

Overland ceramics porcelain ceramic tile directly price for pool

Overland ceramics porcelain ceramic tile directly price for pool

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Porcelain tile
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Owenlai pursues perfection in every detail of stone tile, so as to show quality excellence.stone tile is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.
Company Advantages
1. Overland ceramics porcelain tile is well manufactured. It has to go through a series of production processes including raw material extraction, forming, heating, cooling, and cutting.
2. This solid pattern product is highly durable with high tensile strength, making it strong and less likely to rip or tear.
3. This product is favored by many of our customers. It is able to keep people comfortable, not stuffy and uncomfortable.
4. The product not only has the function of guaranteeing daily life, moreover it has the characteristics of making our life beautiful.

High-end patented products such as Irvine inkjet microcrystals and full throw contain the latest technological and artistic achievements, which have attracted wide attention of the industry and led the direction of technological development of the industry. At the same time, Owenlai quartzite, which is characterized by pure, big and hard, is more respected as a hot trend of architectural decoration in the future, and has been designated for use in various large-scale engineering projects.

Product parameters

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【 Product number 】YIS4013
【 Texture 】Lingsu Sandstone + Stereotexture (22 faces)
【 English name 】ELEMENT SERIES
【 Grayscale 】10+
【 Style 】Original stone style
【 Light sensitivity 】5 degree Twilight
【 Product size 】600×600
【 Skid resistance 】R10
【 Touch 】Natural plane.

Product display

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Product glory

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1. The paste is not firm and reliable.
2. The paste layer is 15-20 mm thick, which wastes national resources and makes the indoor space smaller.
3. Workers have high technical quality requirements. (For example, drying tiles must not have clear water, tapping in place to be flat, to ensure that the compaction is not empty drum, etc.)
4. The pasting speed is slow. A skilled worker can stick between 12 and 15 M2 every day.
5. Fixed brick seams with cross plastic frames.
6. Paste only from the bottom of the wall.

Product features

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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
Overland ceramics porcelain ceramic tile directly price for pool-7
Overland ceramics porcelain ceramic tile directly price for pool-8
Living room, bedroom, dining room, background wall, Hotel lobby, etc.

Product question

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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

About feedback

For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.

Company Features
1. Overland ceramics is an integrated ceramic tile contractor integrating design, procurement and development.
2. It turns out to be true that the investment in the technology will promote our ceramic tile's competitiveness in the industry.
3. Maximized mutual benefits is Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd's biggest principle. Call! We desire to be a pioneer in the industry of ceramic tile. Call!
High quality polished glazed porcelain floor tile, wall tile

Products specification


Polished tiles




White/grey/red/green/black/golden, Various.



Surface Finish


Water absorption

below than 0.5


Cartons and Plywood pallet


Both wall and floor 












































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---4.8mm Thin wall tiles


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If you’re wondering with hard stone and tiles on daily basis you should have this drill bits
Great looking tile, moderately priced, came in undamaged, and the job came out outstanding.
This tile is good quality tile, has a thick surface coating and not easily scratch-able. The only downfall I had was I got one less sheet of tile in the box than originally stated.
Work great especially for the money.
I cut these apart for my ceiling mosaic and they really are a great addition. Super easy to install, high quality tile.
I needed to install an air pressure button for my garbage disposal through a granite counter and drill from the bottom. I couldn't use wet so this dry saw was the only way I could get it done. Only took about 120 seconds through one inch with the 1-1/4" saw. Fantastic!
We ordered these for our shower in the Cayman Islands. They look and feel lovely!
These drill bits are extremely fast and chew through the hardest of materials including porcelain. Simply thread them onto your grinder without the need to
Gorgeous accent tile. Subtle and sweet. Love it in my shower.
Great cutting and extremely quick through porcelain tile, a versatile set for sizes and great price
Love it but it's not off white and white like the description says. just all white
The colors are perfect. Be aware that the size and shape of the mosaic tiles are different than pictured.
This a great buy! Although the picture on Amazon doesn't show the true color(remember this is Pink), I did see from other websites better picture but Amazon has the best prices. Our contractor just put them in today, and it is just beautiful. We are very happy with the quality, shipment and the turn out
I just had my tile installed around tub, steam room walls and ceiling. The tile guy does tile for a living and had not tried these and was very impressed. No guide needed to start hole because they cut so smoothly. I have never used one and I drilled the holes out perfectly for him.
Top for tile
Really pretty, quality
It's okay. I like it better than the shark. It dries fast and easily gets gross sticky toddler messes that may or may not have been stuck for a couple days ha ha. I have linoleum right now and it does leave streaks... I feel like it takes more effort to push then all the sharks I've owned ( doesn't bother me but it might others.) It is not awesome, but it's okay and does what it says it will. I guess I feel like its 3 star worthy because for the price I feel like I should like it better than other steam mops I've had that were cheaper.
We have tile floors and I was so tired of always mopping and it never really cleaning the floor properly, because these floors get so dirty so fast. So I told my husband I wasnted a steam cleaner so that it would clean the floors a lot better than what a mop was doing. We have had this steam cleaner for about 6 months to a year I believe and we haven't had any issues with it. I absolutely love it. When I first used it, I could tell the difference immediately. It was crazy how well it cleaned these floors.
Easy to clean and clean a floor perfect.
Works well over large areas, very quite and light. Can hold enough water to do an entire large room with out refilling. Very easy to assemble. Nice long cord. I love everything about this product.
This steamer is awesome! I used it on my light colored bamboo wood floors and it removed a TON of dirt/film off of the floor! The scrub brush attached to the steamer is also really helpful in extracting dirt from seams and/or scratches in the wood, making them much less noticeable. I highly recommend!!
My wife she likes
ALMOST EVERY PULL HAD ONE SIDE THAT I HAD TO CHASE THE THREADS. I used 19 puills in my kitchen and had to tap 17 pulls on one side. Excuse the caps it was a accident.
Very solid, heavy stainless. Very happy with the product and pricing.
I just received my steam mop and did my kitchen floor. I was really impressed on how cleaned my floor came out. It heated up fast and is easy to use. So so far so good.
Still excellent after several uses, just an a great product/value... Initial review: I hesitate to write this review and give this rating because I have only owned this product about 2 months. But so far, it has proved to be very useful and does the things I wanted, most notably continual steam. And I was able to acquire several extra pads at closeout pricing from Lowes, so that was an extra plus. We'll see a year from now, if it is still working. Much better than my previous steam mop so far.
Easy to use, but leaves wood floors looking marred and spotty.
bought a new Shark Stream cleaner and was totally useless, used this once it is a much better product. Very happy with it.
Easy to use, lightweight, very effective.
So happy with the steam mop! We’ve been wanting to purchase one for a LONG time and once we found that this one was at such a great price we had to get it and were so happy with it. It’s easy to use, works great on ALL types of flooring like tile flooring, hard would floors, etc. I would recommend purchasing additional pads probably right away because having just one is tedious and makes it harder because using a dirty one just defeats the purpose and having to washing before using it just time consuming. You just fill the water container with water, out the container back in, plug the mop in and turn it on. It’ll take a few seconds to heat up, but no more than a few minutes. Then you’re off to cleaning your floors and there’s 3 adjustable settings on the steam amount which are great, for more sensitive flooring like real hardwood. Overall we’re very happy with it and it’s replacing all of our other floor cleaning tools besides the vacuum of course!
Really simple here people. Get up off the floor, stop using chemicals and spend the $80 for this thing. It cleaned all of the grime and crap from what we thought was a clean floor. So easy to use and worth every penny.
Love, love, love this steam mop. My tile looks truly clean and sanitized. When finished, I just drop the mop attachment into the washer.. cleans beautifully.
My property manager swears this is amazing. We have tile and Pergo floors and she told me this is an amazing timesaver and really cleans well.
Cleans floor good, scrub brush feature super idea, but puts out a little bit too much steam (water) left on floor afterwards. I spray my pergo type floors with a bit of water/white vinegar to soften any sticky spots -- my dog can be messy!
You able to complete your cleaning faster than regular mopping
Hard to get water reservoir out.
Worked ok did the job
I purchased this back in December of 2015. It's now July of 2016 and the cap that goes on the water bottle is completely broken and lodged in the unit. To be honest, the unit worked fine for a few months and then I noticed a small crack in the water bottle cap. Despite being as gentle as I could with it, it began leaking within the first 3 months of use. Just this past week it finally bit the dust. It barely went 6 months. I have not over tightened it (hand tight, snug only every time) and the mop has been properly stored since we bought it. I believe this is poor material, because apparently I am not the only one who has had this issue with the cap. There is another insert cap you can purchase which replaces the old one and apparently it doesn't break so easily, but it's around $20 just for the cap and bottle! It would be nice if I had known I was going to need to replace the cap within months of use. I just thought to come on here and let anyone else know about this issue before buying one of these.
Absolutely amazing. I read another review about 10 year old grout needing cleaning, and I was sold from the photos. I just redid my kitchen and used dark grout, because nothing could clean my other tile floors. Had I known about this before, I would've gone with light grout. I tried it out in my bathroom first. It restored the grout and floor to like new condition! It did take some scrubbing during steaming, but it was worth it. It has also cleaned up scuff marks, creosote stains, and continues to brighten grout every time I use it. I've told everyone I know about this product and highly recommend it! Seeing the results first hand now, I would've paid more. Worth every penny.
Functioning as expected.
I ordered this steam mop for my new home which is pretty much all tile or hardwood. I absolutely love it!! Its gentle but does the job. The steam is strong and when i look at the pad i can tell its doing its job. Ive only used it about 9 or 10 times so we will see if it holds up ! Overall i love it.. i wish it came with more scent discs, but the pros outweigh the cons. Its not big and bulky and has a sleek design!!
Easy to use, easy to clean - much better than the Shark we previously owned; cleans tile like a boss.
so far this thing works great
I like this steam mop fine. It does a good job on my laminate floors. This is my second steam mop. The first one I had was a Hoover brand and I like it very much. It only lasted a year and I didn't think that was long enough for the price. This time I bought the Bissell Powerfresh. Truth be told I wish I had purchased another Hoover…but I bought this along with a one year extended warranty so I'll be using this one for two years. And it DOES do a fine job on the floors which is the most important aspect of using a steam mop. Pros: Has a large water reservoir Does an excellent job on my floor. I can do my entire kitchen (which is large) plus my laundry room (which is small) and a small tile foyer on one water tank Cons: Cotton pads are so expensive. Twenty dollars for a package of two. Ten dollars each? Way too much and generic ones not available Cotton pads are awkward to put on. You have to get your hands dirty to remove. (I preferred the Hoover's easy on/off replacement ease) Cord is a little short for my setup at least Nothing to set the steam mop on while you are moving the cord (the Hoover came with a rubber stand, which I'm using with this mop although it's not the right size/shape) Needs distilled water to steam well. It's not expensive but it's an inconvenience to make sure you always have it available. I do like this mop, I do recommend it.
I love this thing. So much easier that a mop and bucket!
Love this! Easy to fill. Easy to maneuver.
Works great. Definitely recommend getting extra mop pads unless you plan on washing them right after
We had steam mops before-the brand that starts with an S. First one was a budget model, second premium. Both quit working right after the warranty was up. One cost about $150! Both of these streaked my floor but I thought maybe this was an issue with steam mops. We have reverse osmosis for our water and a separate facet -so I always used good water. The Bissell steam mop fantastic!! Not one streak. Don't let the smaller tank fool you. We have a lot of stone tile that is used in a half bath, two separate hallways, kitchen, eating area, full bath, laundry room, and an area in another bathroom, that is tile. I had to refill it but it only used a small amount the second time. We have way more ceramic tile than most people do. I used the wettest setting too. Hubby was so disillusioned with steam mops and wanted me to get a spin mop. We have a lot of real wood and those seem to spray the walls, then extra things needed, so weighed the costs of that and thought I would try one more steam mop. I am so happy that I bought Bissell. We have a Bissell factory about 20 miles away and I always buy Bissell carpet steamers so why I tried a different brand of mop before, is beyond me. Fantastic!!!
This is a great mop for someone who loathes mopping as much as I do. It is amazing. I have five children ages 8 and under and boy do my kitchen floors pay for it. Mopping is by far my least favorite household chore, but this mop makes it so easy and cuts down the time by more than half. It works well even on dried, stuck on messes under the high chair. It's small and compact enough to maneuver easily, and to store easily, it heats up FAST and is ready to use just a minute or two after plugging in. You can choose one of three heat settings to customize to the flooring type/size of the mess. Throwing the reusable pads on is super easy and they wash well. I wish I had this mop years ago, all that time ringing the dirty, disgusting mop out, having to dump the dirty water halfway through the job and refill, waiting for the mop and the soaking floors to dry afterward, eventually scrubbing on my hands and knees when the mop couldn't cut it. This mop is a solution for all of that. I can't remember the last time I tried a product that I was this excited about. At one time I tried a Hoover Floormate, but it was so bulky and so much of a pain to use I hardly ever got it out. This is so much easier and simpler. Love!
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