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Overland ceramics shower ceramic tile on sale for bathroom

Overland ceramics shower ceramic tile on sale for bathroom

Overland ceramics shower ceramic tile on sale for bathroom

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Porcelain tile
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1. The making of Overland ceramics porcelain tile involves the following stages. They are paper pattern making, fabric preparation (washing and preshrinking), fabric treatment (wrinkle and bacteria resistance), selvage, fabric layout and marking, fabric cutting, and sewing. It has a sleek, smooth surface and consistent depth of colors
2. A complete marketing vein of ceramic tile has been formed by Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd. The product gives a natural and authentic look
3. No complaint about the production quality and performance has been received. The product offers long-lasting beauty for home decoration
4. There are plenty of performance benefits that customers can expect from this product. The product is extremely durable and scratch resistant
5. Customer opinions are seriously used to boost this product's quality. The product has the characteristic of staining resistance

High-end patented products such as Irvine inkjet microcrystals and full throw contain the latest technological and artistic achievements, which have attracted wide attention of the industry and led the direction of technological development of the industry. At the same time, Owenlai quartzite, which is characterized by pure, big and hard, is more respected as a hot trend of architectural decoration in the future, and has been designated for use in various large-scale engineering projects.

Product parameters

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【 Product number 】YIQ6016
【 Texture 】Interstellar Marble + Stereotexture (22 sides)
【 English name 】MOON TALK SERIES
【 Grayscale 】30+
【 Style 】Original stone style
【 Light sensitivity 】5 degree Twilight
【 Product size 】600×600
【 Skid resistance 】R10
【 Touch 】Natural plane.

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Product glory

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How about Owen Lai Ceramics? 

Owen Lai Ceramics is a good product. The product of this brand has high cost performance, reliable quality and affordable price. Their ceramic tile products have strong air permeability, light weight, flexibility, acid and alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, earthquake resistance, crack resistance, and good compatibility with external insulation system.

Product features

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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
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Overland ceramics shower ceramic tile on sale for bathroom-8
Living room, bedroom, dining room, background wall, Hotel lobby, etc.

Product question

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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

About feedback

For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.

Company Features
1. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd has strong designing capability and advanced production technology for ceramic tile production.
2. We value sustainable development. Through our manufacturing technology and our continuous study, we strive to develop human- and environment-friendly products.
If you’re wondering with hard stone and tiles on daily basis you should have this drill bits
Great looking tile, moderately priced, came in undamaged, and the job came out outstanding.
This tile is good quality tile, has a thick surface coating and not easily scratch-able. The only downfall I had was I got one less sheet of tile in the box than originally stated.
Work great especially for the money.
I cut these apart for my ceiling mosaic and they really are a great addition. Super easy to install, high quality tile.
I needed to install an air pressure button for my garbage disposal through a granite counter and drill from the bottom. I couldn't use wet so this dry saw was the only way I could get it done. Only took about 120 seconds through one inch with the 1-1/4" saw. Fantastic!
We ordered these for our shower in the Cayman Islands. They look and feel lovely!
These drill bits are extremely fast and chew through the hardest of materials including porcelain. Simply thread them onto your grinder without the need to
Gorgeous accent tile. Subtle and sweet. Love it in my shower.
Great cutting and extremely quick through porcelain tile, a versatile set for sizes and great price
Love it but it's not off white and white like the description says. just all white
The colors are perfect. Be aware that the size and shape of the mosaic tiles are different than pictured.
This a great buy! Although the picture on Amazon doesn't show the true color(remember this is Pink), I did see from other websites better picture but Amazon has the best prices. Our contractor just put them in today, and it is just beautiful. We are very happy with the quality, shipment and the turn out
I just had my tile installed around tub, steam room walls and ceiling. The tile guy does tile for a living and had not tried these and was very impressed. No guide needed to start hole because they cut so smoothly. I have never used one and I drilled the holes out perfectly for him.
Top for tile
Really pretty, quality
Where have you been all of my life? It will get that floor clean in a jiffy and the pads are washable, just pop them in the washing machine with a little OxyClean and they are ready to go again.
Works well, easy to put water into it. love it
OMG! I love this mop! I wish I would have known about it earlier in life! It is easy to use, well made and does the job perfectly. Long cord, too. Highly recommend this product!
Love these handles. Installation was ridiculous. The two small rods come unscrewed when attaching the handles to the cabinet doors. Two handles had to be thrown away during the process. Some are crooked for some reason, but it’s not super noticeable. I’m happy with the look of the end product.
The handle is nice for the price, heavy and with a nice brushed finish. i needed more than 32 handles so I bought a 40 pack which was a good option as i can use a couple of the left overs on projects. Of the 32 handles I installed I did have one that had mounting posts that were not parallel and could not be lined up with the holes drilled. I used a knob and handle drill fixture to make sure the handles lined up. They look quite nice in place of the "el-cheapo" builder quality handles that were installed on my solid maple cabinets.
Bought this to replace my Shark steam mop with the pump handle when it died on me. The bissell mop is perfect for what i need. Best features are: -Lightweight and easy to use -Heats up in 30 seconds without any pump action and you can control the steam intensity -there's no dirty water to empty! nuff said -Best of all they've made it so the steam comes out through the edges so it cleans right next to the baseboards. the last mop left an inch perimeter that i'd then have to go back and clean by hand. it may have taken me a month to open it, but i'm so glad i did!
It cleaned a well worn floor to my satisfaction.
I could kick myself for not getting this at least 10 years ago! I was in total disbelief when I saw how much dirt got picked up! I let me kids play on floors THAT bad? I had to fill the water tank 5 times and I washed the pads (I got 4) once to get the whole upstairs done....but boy are my floors clean now! The scented pads are nice but they run out quickly and the scent wasn't working on round #2 anymore. I even went over the rugs and held the steam mop handle straight up to get good contact. If this lasts for even just a year, it has been a miracle tool and I will never go without one again. UPDATE: I have had this steam mop for 1 yr 8 months now and it still works great! I use it twice a month, 2-3 refills each time. It sometimes makes some noise and takes a moment to get going, but still puts out a great amount super hot steam and the pads still come out gross...it really hasn't suffered performance wise at all after more than 1.5 years.I have never used anything but distilled water.
This steam mop is less effective than getting down on your hands and knees to scrub your tiled kitchen or bathroom floor with a bucket of water in which you've dissolved some old-fashioned cleaner like Spic & Span. If you "mop up" after steam cleaning with a sponge mop and clear water, you will get up significant additional dirt. This steam mop also does not clean off most of the dirt on your grout, and if your grout is light colored and/or deeply set in, there is no apparent effect. On the other hand, the steam mop is faster, easier on the knees, and does not leave the floor very wet, so you can use the kitchen soon after cleaning the floor without worrying about footprints. It also can be run up and down tiled walls. We plan to use it as our cleaning method between occasional deep scrubs the old-fashioned way. A flooring finisher we talked to told us never, ever to use a steam mop on wood because the cumulative effect of many uses is really not good. We tried it anyway on some dirty flooring in a hallway we plan to refinish soon. This steam mop loosened very little of the dirt; that is, it didn't work anyway. Probably the wood absorbs dirt more deeply than a hard surface.
Although my previous Shark unit worked very well for 3 years...not to mention...I got it free with the purchase of my Shark vacuum...I purchased this unit when my Shark steam mop died. This unit feels like it is much better quality and seems to create a much hotter steam than my previous Shark unit.
I had doubts about this, but I honestly regret not buying it sooner. I have laminate floors and it cleans them soooooo well!
The best thing I've bought all year! Steam is awesome. My floors have never been so clean. So awesome that the pad goes straight into the washing machine. Can't rave about it enough. Going to buy one for my mother now.
I used the product on my hardwood floors and kitchen floor.
just fine``` but after using it , i mop the floor one more time, it still dirty```
Best product ever! I was skeptical that cleaning with just steam wouldn't be as effective as traditional mopping and I was 100% wrong! In fact, our floors looks and feel better than ever! Highly recommend this product. It's ready to use in just 30 seconds after plugging it in, requires no chemicals, leaves floors looking and feeling super clean, and they dry very quickly since the water is so hot. Buy this product and revolutionize how you clean floors. Also, it's great on carpets and really does freshen them up!
works good but does not have an on off switch
Works great. Cleans tile and wood surfaces. Floors look very shiny after cleaning.
Best invention ever! Read the reviews and you quickly realize it will keep your floors spotless and shining. The steam cleans so much better than a microfiber wet mop or disposable pads. Mopping is no longer a chore, it’s done in no time!
I don't know how I lived before this steam mop. I save hours every time I clean with it. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made on amazon. Bonus- it has a carpet steaming attachment! Who knew?!? Love love love.
Love this steam mop! It cleans the built up hairspray on my ceramic tile in the bathroom with no effort ( I use the heavy steam setting).. I used to spray warm water and vinegar on the built up areas and then get on my hands and knees to clean it up. No more. That alone makes this mop well worth the price!
This steamer is AMAZING. I researched steam mops and this had high ratings for the price. It's so easy to use. My house is all tile, smooth and textured tile, and it cleans them all. All I use is water and occasionally a little vinegar. Often cleans in one pass. Anything it doesn't clean on the first pass I just come back to and it comes right up. Highly recommend.
I replaced a Shark Pocket mop and a Hoover EnviroSteamer with the Bissell 1940 and so far it has been great. Heats up much faster than the other two and refilling the tank just requires it to be popped off the unit; a great improvement over the other two mops I had been using. Still don't think any of these units are going to replace having to scrub grout the old fashioned way, but to get the dirt and grime up, the Bissell works great so far.
Easy to operate does a nice job on wood floors
Love it love it--sooooo quiet
I love this steam mop! It's very easy to use and very effective. The scent disk leaves a pleasant fragrance in the air.
Works good but ripped the finish right off our wood floors
If you have sealed wood floors or tile, this product is for you. I used this right out of the box, and it did a beautiful job on my wood floors. I am so glad we bought this steam cleaner.
Reservoir broke after a couple of uses. Came apart when I pulled it out to refill. Only used water. Cheap plastic cap. Otherwise liked it when it worked. Company was good to work with. Replaced cap at no charge.
I really like the steamer, however the pads are very very hard to clean after use. Almost like the dirt just sticks to the pad even after several washes. Other that that, I love it because it does clean my wood floors and tile. If you have any suggestion on how to get the pads white again after using, I would love to hear about it since you cannot use bleach on this product.
Not sure why there’s several negative reviews. I LOVE this thing. There is such a difference when it comes to steam mopping vs regular mopping. I’ve had this over a month and so far no issues.
We always had a shark steam mop and liked it very much, but it does not clean near as good as this Bissell. The heat up is much faster and the 3 steam selector is great. Not having to pump the handle is much better than the shark, we will recommend the Bissell over the shark any day. Thanks a great product and an excellent price, thank you Bissell and amazon.
Used it for the first time and I could not be happier. Easy to move, fits in every area, cleaned up dried on spills, loved the scrub brush piece for stuck on areas, pad cleaned up great in the washer,AND the water reservoir is removeable. I am as giddy as one can be about a steamer.
We will use these drawer handles in our parents home, which is in final stages of renovation. These pulls are exceptional in quality and look just like other we've seen in the big home stores, but at a fraction of the price. Will update with a photo as soon as carpenter installs!
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