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Overland ceramics stronger home depot stone tile on sale for bathroom

Overland ceramics stronger home depot stone tile on sale for bathroom

Overland ceramics stronger home depot stone tile on sale for bathroom

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Porcelain tile
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Company Advantages
1. The R&D of Overland ceramics stone ceramic tile is carried out by the in-house technicians who have many years of experience in developing unique pool accessories. The product is available in various designs and colors
2. The product is highly acclaimed by the customers for its unbeatable advantages. The product is extremely durable and scratch resistant
3. A lot of efforts have been put on the quality assurance of this product. Inkjet technology offers convenience for the design of this product
4. The performance of the product conforms to the very latest quality standards. It is engineered to last and able to withstand heavy foot traffic

Overland Ceramics is a large-scale ceramic tile enterprise which integrates design, research, development, manufacture and marketing. It is committed to providing simple, fashionable and high-grade "plain modern brick" for consumers. Over the past 20 years of development and accumulation in the field of plain bricks, Irvine has sufficient technological reserve advantages, research and development capabilities and manufacturing technology have reached the international frontier level, and has a stronger strength in the presentation of product details. Since this year, Owen-Lai is vigorously implementing the refinement of product development and manufacturing. At the present time when the mainstream consumer chooses to emphasize "details", considering ceramic tile as the background of home, combining with modern home plain aesthetics, people's subjective perception of ceramic tile will be transformed into technical parameters for product development.

Product parameters



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【 Product number 】SGIV459S7191

【 Texture 】Spanish dolomite + lava + three-dimensional texture (12 sides)

【 English name 】STELLAR SERIES

【 Grayscale 】30+

【 Style 】New style fashion

【 Light sensitivity 】12 ° soft light

【 Product size 】900×900

【 Skid resistance 】R10
【 Touch 】The mirror



Product display



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Product glory



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Breakthrough the domestic traditional design purchase mode, make the product research and development system to the source of "creative acquisition" to achieve vertical extension.



Product features



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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
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Product question



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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

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For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.






Company Features
1. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is a fast-growing company based in China. Over the years, we are engaged in the design and production of stone ceramic tile . Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd will always increase professional and technical competence with its home depot stone tile product.
2. The quality of stone floor tiles can be guaranteed by our experienced technicians.
3. Overland ceramics's technology is at the forefront of stone wall tiles industry and provides a solid base for the company's future growth. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd adhere to the strategic tenet of natural stone tiles . Get more info!
Works ok. Was hoping it would take the stains out of my grout without me having to scrub so much.
It's ok. I thought it would work better than it does.
Would order again!
Awesome grout cleaner and very easy .
I was a fool to use such a light-colored grout in a front entrance where folks are tracking in slush and mud. On top of which, I'm trying to sell the house in the winter. The grout looks BLACK!!! This is NOT going to be good. WAIT A SECOND! I pass by this cleaner at a Bed Bath and Beyond and think - well, I like how GooGone works so well. Why not try it? It can't make it look any worse. Spray it on, wait 2 minutes as instructed, and wipe off. MIRACLE!!! It looks as if it was brand new! ALL the ground in/slopped in mud and slush was gone in one swipe. AMAZING!!! Thanks, Goo Gone!
I have cleaning but I hate dirty grout lines more. We’ve lived here for two years and the floors looked like the grout was never cleaned. I have cleaners and I’ve used a steam cleaner but nothing worked. This worked first time! To make it easier for myself I put a sprayer from a spray bottle on the Grout-Eez bottle. I followed the instructions and used a broom to agitate the cleaner and rinsed. I have clean grout! This is a great product!
the product did improve the appearance of our old 1" square tile, but didn't fully clean the grime in the grout -it did perform better than products bought in store.
This product worked great on the wood floors in my log cabin. It minimized the scratches and made the floors shine again. Very easy to spread on the floor and dried in less than one hour like the bottle said!
Best grout tile cleaner out there and I have tried everything !!!!!!
I'm very happy I purchased this product. When we moved into our house the grout in the kitchen and bathrooms needed cleaning. I just sprayed this on the grout lines in sections, let it sit for a few minutes, then mopped the section. It looked like new!
This is amazing, cleaned my disgusting grout to almost new. I can see a couple spots I missed, and the difference is shocking. Easy to use with a small scrub brush. You do need to scrub a tiny bit, but for the amount of dirt I had built up, it came clean surprisingly easily. I will buy this again and again and again!
This works great. I have tile all over my house and the dirt was sticking to my grout like crazy. I used this as directed and scrubbed the grout after 2 minutes and it looked good as new.
OMG. Best grout cleaner ever!!! I love goo gone & theyve done a great job with this product for grout. It was easier then anything else I’ve used
Excellent product at a great value for your money! I would definitely recommend it to others!!
Product is simply amazing and the best pizza stone on the market! A+++++++
It works. Great stuff. Spray on, let sit, scrub a little and it takes years of crud off.
Best grout cleaner there is. I finally see the original color of grout in the kitchen. Buy lots of it!
Has goodshine
I cannot praise this product enough. It really restored my floors (vinyl and painted concrete.) It is really amazing. Next I'm going to try it on hardwood floors (I think there is a special one for those.)
Like but need more shine on it
This cut thru my ceramic pot like a knife thru butter. Worked great. Arrived next day that I ordered. Great value.
The bits cut a perfect circle. The only difficulty was keeping the bit from hopping around during the initial cutting.
I was a little concerned when this stone arrived since there were no English instructions & I don't know German. But I found the seller had stated on Amazon that no seasoning of the stone was required, so we used it right out of the box. There was absolutely no chemical smell when the stone heated up. We were very happy with our first attempt at homemade pizza. (We used the "Best Pizza Dough Recipe" from Sugar Spun Run). We did bake the pizza on parchment paper on the stone -- that was the easiest way to get our heavily-laden pizza into the oven. We will definitely be doing more pizzas with this stone!
This is a good size stone and even better it comes with wood pizza peel board. I love that’s rectangular so I can cook 3 flatbread pizzas at once or 1 round large pizza. The regular round stone I could only cook 2 flat breads at once. Although it does not comes with English instructions it’s not that hard to prep. Wipe it off with water and clean towel. Dry it. Put on the grill bring the grill up to operating temp. Don’t use any form of liquids to start the fire as it will be sucked right into the stone and ruin it. Cook your pizza/food. Let the stone cool slowly take it off the grill and wipe it down. It should be that simple.
This held up in my backyard brick pizza oven. The temp in the oven was extremely hot and the stone worked beautifully. Pizzas cooked in about 90 seconds so you know it was hot. I will be ordering again, as my son is building a second oven for me.
I am so glad that I purchased this product. The pizza stone is very solid and easy to clean. The added bonus of the pizza paddle is wonderful! This stone and paddle are really an excellent buy! Would highly recommend them to others!
Worked great on tiles bathroom floors.
OMG this is the best stuff for dirty floor grout. Spray wait a fee minutes and srub with a brush and they look like new again. May I add barely any scrubbing needed . I have bought another bottle just to have around incase they discontinue .
Worked very good. Not just spray on, wait and rub clean but after several uses grout came clean. Used a bristle brush after each 5-8 min soak and worked better than any other product I have used in the past. Would purchase again.
It works Makes grout look like new. I had forgotten my grout was so light Looks like a new floor
I just love this product!!!! Works awesome!!
Packing is nice and reusable to store the stone and peel. Nice thick stone, and the peel is the perfect size. It fits on all my grills and smokers. Great product, affordable.
We tried many different cleaners, of which none worked to clean our floor tile sanded grout. We tried this (purchased at Marshalls) according to the instructions and the results were incredible. The grout went from very dark back to its original light mushroom color. Left it on for 2-4 minutes, used a scrub brush for about 3-4 seconds on each 18” line of group and wiped it off with some old towels. It worked so well, and was so easy,it actually made me want to clean the grout. I don’t know about the more critical reviews here, but for our sanded floor grout it restored it to its original color.
Good product, but at the current price of sixteen dollars (which does include free shipping for Prime customers), it is about ten dollars more than you will find for this and similar products at your local brick and mortar stores.
Removes mildew stains. Doesn't remove every possible stain but most of them.
Works as promised
What a great product have used multiple times and can only imagine when completely seasoned. You get a rectangular stone to put on your rectangular grill and a serving paddle, great combo at a great price point. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!
Pizza stone is great! Even came with a wooden spatula for the pizza or whatever else you would cook on the stone.
Grout haze was not coming off. Saw a recommendation for Goo Gone online. The product did the job. Took a lot of scrubbing and muscle power, but got the job done.
Must rinse well. Works good but a little pricey
My tile shower looks brand new.
Best grout cleaner ever! I've searched for a long time to find something so effective. This surpassed my expectations!
The holesaws have no center/pilot bit making them very difficult to keep in position.
I use this to seal my black granite counter top in my bathroom. We have hard water and white spots appear daily. This product is somewhat waterproof and seals away the white spots.
OMG! This stuff really works. I sprayed it on the floor grout, waited a couple of minutes and scrubbed a bit using the grout genie and my grout was clean. Just got the stuff in the mail and decided to try it out right away. I'm so glad I bought this.
I have tried a bunch of grout cleaning products and I am usually disappointed. This product is not a miracle worker but it is good. First try I sprayed it on and let it sit then scrubbed it with a tile brush it was pretty good. When I combined this product with a bleach soft scrub I got very good results for minimal effort. I would but again.
Did take some brushing, but the grout was very dirty and greasy. Did a very nice job on the colored grout in our tile countertops.
Makes my obsessive cleaner wife happy so it makes me happy. Great long-lasting shine. Definitely good stuff for vinyl floors.
Made my floors shine!
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