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Overland ceramics tiles stone tile bathroom wholesale for home

Overland ceramics tiles stone tile bathroom wholesale for home

Overland ceramics tiles stone tile bathroom wholesale for home

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Porcelain tile
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1. The modern design of stone tile bathroom is its one of biggest advantages. It is waterproof and its surface is easy to maintain
2. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd has excellent customer service representatives available to help you out by phone. The product has the characteristic of staining resistance
3. The product is characterized by strong electric strength. It is not prone to be affected by the electric and magnetic fields, nor will it be damaged by these fields. It is engineered to last and able to withstand heavy foot traffic
4. This product provides better resistance against the threat of moisture damage. The more moisture it prevents from being absorbed through its surface, the better it protects itself from a deterioration of performance. This product can add a colorful and artistic boost to space
5. The product has strong endurance. It can withstand the operational problems that are likely to encounter in daily use such as sudden blackout. This product is well-engineered and built to last

Modern style tiles have emerged as an important industry category after 2017, but also entered the process of large-scale market. Some brand enterprises representing the backbone of the industry have established their own voice rights and product propositions. Just like the professional segmentation effect of the consumer market, different categories of strategies are naturally different for the consumption level, and any positioning is looking for. Consumer group attributes of their products. For the industry, this is a healthy situation with hundreds of schools of thought contending and flowers blooming. Ceramic tile industry has formulated a variety of technical standards, but the previous exploration of category standards has been slow. Until September 2017, the Standard for Classification of Plain Modern Bricks, issued jointly by Irvine, Kodak and Dow, really took an important step towards the guidance of Classification Standard. Careful study of the standard, there is a rather wonderful description: "people's subtle feelings of ceramic tiles into technical parameters", we can see that this is an awakening of consumer awareness.

Product parameters



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【 Product number 】SGIV459S7193

【 Texture 】Spanish dolomite + lava + three-dimensional texture (12 sides)

【 English name 】STELLAR SERIES

【 Grayscale 】30+

【 Style 】New style fashion

【 Light sensitivity 】12 ° soft light

【 Product size 】900×900

【 Skid resistance 】R10
【 Touch 】The mirror



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A kind of acid-proof and alkali-resistant porcelain or stone made by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides



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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

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For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.







Company Features
1. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd performs manufacturing under the client's OEM brand and our own brand.
2. One of the keys to our success is that we have built engaged support teams. The teams care about how customers feel. They maintain an excellent rate of good service and occasionally conducting surveys to find out what and where they need to improve.
3. The innovation mechanism will be adhered by 企业名称 to adapt to the market. Get an offer!
Backsplash in bathroom
Easy to install
I have never done wallpaper before, so I was a little nervous going in. I fell in love with the look of this product, so I decided to give it a go. The wallpaper was super easy to install for an amateur like myself and is holding to my wall amazingly!
I bought two at the same time so I can cover my wall and one sheet is slightly darker than the other so I'm probably going to order four more. Backing is not as pictured as well. But happy with the look of the paper ?
Great product! Looks amazing on my wall.
Me encanto
Surprised husband with an addition to our kitchen. We’ve talked about tiling for a long time but haven’t had the money to go for it. This was a perfect way for us to test out this design. Shockingly it was easy instal and looks fabulous. At this point I absolutely don’t see a point in tiling. It fits perfect with our style. I wish I would have thought of this earlier. What a simple, fast, and less expensive way to renovate. I’m excited to play around with my remaining stone paper! Always been too timid to try new things. I’ve ordered more stuff for house since. You should too!
This tile is amazing
Loved it!!!
very very nice! easy to use and looks great!
It was fine
I loved these! So easy to use and they look beautiful!
Cheap and easy update my laundry room. Everyone super impressed with my diy skills!
I started installing the backsplach around my microwave. It turned out lovely so I decided to put a backsplash behind a cabinet in the kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are beige with shelves so I decided to put the backsplash on the back of the wall where the shelves were. It really looks beautiful and gave my kitchen an entirely different look. The quality is great. I had to order several times to complete the task but it was well worth the effort. Very easy to install. Thanks you. Love this product.
I love this 3D wallpaper. It is absolutely beautiful. The print is a true color. Solid blacks and solids whites with real depth. Everyone who saw my walls thought it was real stone at first. I bought some wall paper glue from Lowe's and it was super easy to do. I just used a paintbrush to paint the glue onto the walls in small sections and I stuck the paper on. Super easy. I would recommend two people cause it will save time and effort. But I did it alone. I even added some vines from Johannes fabrics to give it a more realistic look. My doors I stuck shower curtain dungeon doors with the same glue to the backs of my doors. I've done movie set designing thus the over the top decor. The paper is also thick too so it's not going to rip. I had things hanging on the walls and when I took the screws out...all I did was shove the paper back down into the holes and you cannot tell where I had made holes!! The pattern is spread out enough so it doesn't look like a cookie cutter pattern like the others. Love this paper!
More adhesive than I realised. However looks good and got the job done. If you don't feel like mixing morter and laying full sized brick & quarterbricks I recommend you use this wall paper.
I purchased 2 rolls of this wallpaper to use in our camper. I thought it was easy to use and apply to our camper backsplash. Since it is waterproof, I won't be worried about any splashes or grease splattered on it because it will be an easy cleanup. It really brightened up our camper and made it look homey with the stacked stone print. My hubby and I both like the new transformation in the camper.
The wallpaper is dark and realistic, and the glue is convenient for me to operate. I will cover the old dilapidated cabinet and the wall. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to transform the room, this is a very good choice.
Love it, it transformed our kitchen! I just hate that after a few weeks some of the corners started coming up.
The tiles look great in my kitchen. Was not sure I would like them at first, but once I lined them up against the wall without applying, and stood back to look, I believed they would accomplish my objective. Almost gave up after struggling with the first two (they stick so quickly). Thought about getting a professional to finish the job. Slept on the idea; got up the next day with determination to learn the technique to get them to fit on first try. Vey satisfied with product.
This product is great. Very happy with product. Looks really nice Make sure wall is care well.
The product sticks with ease, comes with easy to understand directions, and looks fantastic!
Looks great and easy to use. We used it in a stairwell and it looks very nice.
As I opened the package a hole was made. The wallpaper is very thin. I expected it to be heavier like wallpaper. I guess that is why it was inexpensive.
Excellent quality, we are super impressed that we spent less than a hundred dollars for beautiful backsplash. VERY sticky. Love that it comes in a pack of 6.
Used in my RV...they turned out amazing!!
It was so easy! Looks much nicer than I expected. I ordered a small package to see how it would look! I already ordered more so I can finish my kitchen because it looks so nice and was super easy!
This product was easy to use and cut my time in have. We renovated my kitchen and use this product as my backsplash. Best to cut with scissors instead of knive. It was like one big sticker!
The tiles are pretty thin and until you get the whole floor down . It's easy to move the tiles from placement as you are kneeling and installing. But thats because the aren't supper sticky! Good if you need to move one over...the finished product was pretty and I think a great value.
They cracked right away and very easily
Just as pictured. One minor complaint: the nice thing about using mosaics is you can usually eliminate the wet saw because you can just pluck off and rearrange the stones to fit the space. These stones are too big for this, so making a straight line, like for a backsplash requires cutting.
Rocks are awesome beneath you showering feet.
The product met my expectations.
These are a great way to create the effect of subway tiles with limited tools. If you get flustered easily, take a chill pill before attempting to install these. I live in an old building with wires outside the walls, so most people will not have to cut them as much as I had to. Take your time, pay attention to lines and spacing, and you can create a beautiful backsplash.
xa0I love these, sticks okay I noticed peeling after 2 days. To fix this issue I put super glue on the back. I’m very upset now because I need to order another pack of the marble backsplash but it’s not available, and no updates when it will become available (sad face)
Looks really nice for a very easy and affordable upgrade. I used this for my 1/2 bath in my RV.. The wall looked boring and I saw this product and it made a really nice difference. This product was perfect if you do not want to mess with cutting tiles and using the cement backing. Not worth the cost and very time consuming in certain areas.
These tiles upgraded the look of our kitchen without much effort. For the $45 investment I was willing to give them a try with the expectation that I could alway go with real mosiac tiles if we were disappointed. We definitely were not. I only gave them 4 stars because there is a bit of a learning curve to applying them that could have easily been addressed in the instructions. Maybe these tips will help others. First, apply each tile from top to bottom or bottom to top instead of left/right. The reason is that the sticker is more flexible vertically than it is horizontally. Just look at how the mosiac is laid out with the length of the individual pieces running horizontally. The sticker comes with a cellophane cover over the Mosaic. The purpose of this was puzzling to me and thinking it was to protect during shipping I removed some of them before installation. I found that leaving it on provided more support while installing and made application easier. After I learned both of these the remaining stickers went on with fewer bubbles and looked better. Also, bubbles can be removed with a very small hole poked into the sticker with a razor blade. Any trapped air can then be pushed out.
Came out very nice considering its peel and stick my wife and I love the look of our kitchen.
I installed this product and only asked my husband to remove the outlets cover to apply the sticker. I bought three boxes for the stove area and the remaining stickers were used behind the kitchen sink. I still have some pieces and I am keeping it for backup. The glue behind the sticker is pretty strong and all I did was clean the surface with a windex spray and dry it off completely and then I started to apply the stickers. You need to patient and careful to apply it. I was rushing at first and didnt think it through. Its best to start from the bottom moving upwards, pushing the sticker as you apply it. Don't remove the plastic cover in the front until you apply it on the surface, it helps to place it.
Very nice tiles and very decorative. Only problem is that they did not stick on the wall for more than a few hours. Peeled off after a short time. Had to go buy spray adhesive and re-apply tiles. Unfortunately put an entire box up before I realized they were not going to stay up. Hope they stick this time.
i wanted to use it to change my kitchen appearance and now it looks amazing! Totally recomended!!
I received this wallpaper and I love it, it's look like real stone .My friend come over thought is real stone until they touch it ,very nice, I will order more
I posted this wallpaper to the big bar in the kitchen. Wow, it’s beautiful. It looks like a beautiful wall tile. I don’t worry about kicking the white wall when I eat. It not only increases the brightness, but also protects the service life of the wall, the whole family is happy.
Don't follow the instructions and you'll be okay put the stickers on then the epoxy then stick it to the wall have a small level on top to make sure it sits flat then wait 5 minutes. The stickers just help with making sure your epoxy has room to expand. Overall good product with everything to make it work.
Like it
Love it. This is a much thicker and heavier piece than what I had for the price and it came with the full kit for easy installation with instructions.
First of ALL it came super fast One day shipping was a success ( I was so excited to use it and set it up while my kids were napping easy and fast however I was very careful to be sure it was placed on smooth with no wrinkles haha) but I'm super please with this product!!! Only like $7 can't beat this plus the length I was able to do more than I expected!!!!! It was a great deal ileasy to use!! Just peal and stick!! I feel like I have a home from HGTV!!!!!! HAHA LOVE THIS AND I RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE
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