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Overland durable gray stone tile marble for home

Overland durable gray stone tile marble for home

Overland durable gray stone tile marble for home

Brand name
Brand name:Overland
MOQ:Full Container Loading
Material:Porcelain tile
OEM Availability:Yes
Payment Term
Payment Term:T/T, L/C, O/A
Place of Origin
Place of Origin:China
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  • Owenlai has a professional customer service team to supply free technical advice and guidance.
Product Comparison
stone tile is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.Owenlai's stone tile is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects.
Company Advantages
1. Overland gray stone tile is manufactured by following the compatible design concepts.
2. Its quality is highly evaluated by authoritative testing organizations.
3. One of our clients says those who are too busy to clean their pools or tired of doing such pool maintaining work love this product most.


Flowers are silent, but beautiful. The shock of the soul needs no language, just like the quiet Free brought by inkjet interior wall tiles, it is the feeling, but also the realm. [Xu Xinming said decoration customization] Inkjet interior wall brick screen to restore impetuous appearance, quiet modern life, is the elite among the elite, strength does not need to publicize adherents. Microcrystalline mirror wall tiles, collected 20,000 light and shadow specimens, each cubic centimeter embedded in 7,000 fine grain sand, unlimited application, beautiful and natural. Stone-like interior wall tiles are ceramic tiles, but they have the texture of stone to satisfy the love of stone complex, but there is no defect of natural marble. Candy glazed interior wall tiles, the United States is more delicate, the United States is stronger, even if the Millennium wind, frost and rain hit, the mood is still incessant.

Product parameters



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【 Product number 】LGISM9107

【 Texture 】Sandstone + terrazzo (18 sides)

【 English name 】FIJI SERIES

【 Grayscale 】45+
【 Style 】New fashion style

【 Light sensitivity 】9-15 degree soft light

【 Product size 】600×1200
【 Skid resistance 】R9
【 Touch 】Natural plane




Product glory



Overland durable gray stone tile marble for home-2
So as to maintain the brightness of the brick surface as new, to avoid the occurrence of small cracks in the glaze of the brick, resulting in hidden dirt.



Product features



Overland durable gray stone tile marble for home-3
In harsh environments, it can keep the sludge from being stained for a long time.
In terms of technology, Owen-Lai tiles pursue the restoration of natural colors, with wonderful details.
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Product question



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Company Features
1. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of gray stone tile . We have extensive experience after years of development.
2. Thanks to sophisticated facilities, not only production efficiency but also quality are significantly improved.
3. The development of all respects of company facilitates Overland to be more attractive. Ask online! Our clean and big factory keep the production of stone tile bathroom in a good environment. Ask online! We hold the belief that through persistent efforts, Overland will thrive in stone wall tiles industry. Ask online! Overland actively explores the development path and builds a core corporate value system of stone tile . Ask online!
Very good product so far. I have only a few more tiles and wood trim to install. The glue on these is tenacious! It feels like if you make a mistake the tile will never come off. But, I did have to remove a couple rows on a couple tiles and if you put a blade underneath and pry, they 'pop' off, they didn't tear the drywall and could be reapplied. I rolled each tile with a rubber roller as soon as I put it in place. Because the rows are staggered on each tile, they interlock so you don't see a seam. They are well constructed and cutting one horizontal row from the tile is very easy. Cutting the metal, eg. to trim a tile to fit, I use a big, old tin shears. A heavy duty scissors works but the shears are easier. I tried shears with several different types of of blades. I recommend a straight blade rather than a curved one. The curved blade causes both the piece you want to use and the piece you are cutting off, to curve so I was unable to then flatten the piece out to use it. I recommend planning for 10-15% overage so you have enough for special cuts or mistakes. This brand I bought on line was better quality and had more backing than the ones I saw at the home centers, and about $2.00 cheaper per tile. The packaging was excellent and protected the corners of the tiles, so not one of the 40+ tiles was damaged. I think some wall prep work is important; I scraped any bumps off the wall and then wiped the wall with a dry rag to remove any dust (no matter how clean it looks). Use a hand held rubber roller to press the tiles on and go over the wall a section at a time in case one tile stood out more than the others. I recommend a helper, for a second set of eyes and hands. Start along a line, at a central point and work your way up, down and side to side. Neither my side walls nor my ceiling was perfectly straight and square, so all the trimming was on the outer edges where it didn't show. To trim the sides and any outside edges, I bought aluminum trim at a home improvement store and attached it with clear adhesive caulk.
In love with this stuff!! I was looking for a fast, easy and cost effective way to transform this space and this did it! I love it so much I had to order another roll so I can wrap it on the side as well!
Looks exactly how I wanted. Pretty and chic. I bought it for my classroom desk and one roll only covered it partially. Though I’m just gonna add a border where I wasn’t able to cover. Other than that, easy to work with.
Great paper it looks really good was a bit of a task but it worked out in the end Buy one or two extra rolls for sure!!
I covered my tables in my classroom and it looks great!
The only thing I dislike about this was I had to order a second roll because I didn't have enough to finish my project. The second roll looked much lighter then the first. It was thinner. So side by side one looked white the other blue tinted. I put this on the back of a bookcase. Just very disappointed how it looked,but I did like the product.
I am remodeling my deck outside, and the original wall is too old and wet. This paper looks nice and easy to use. The best part is you can change it anytime you want, and there won't be much work.
Yes I like it.
I used it on the front of my desk and it was perfect! It has held up through all my kids coming in and out as well as through the humidity!
Love how easy it was was to install and looks amazing
Installed it today... let s see the next few days
Very durable. The coloring looks a little different than the photos, but it worked out well.
Love the colors
it looks great and it was so easy no mess no issues
Used on classroom wall. Great look and easy to install with two people.
Took my cabinet from meh to country chic It looks great, and the adhesion and staying power are awesome.
Love this! Needed to do a small section of wall for video conferencing and this looks great. It was pretty easy to install - having 2 people is helpful. Seems to adhere great so far!!
Overall, i like it a lot. However it doesnt get a full 5 stars because i wish the pattern was a little more random. For a small area it looks great. Ahearing to our textured wall had me iffy but it sticks well enough.
Did stick well, almost too well! Final result... happy wife!
Looks pretty good. Fairly easy to apply. The picture shows almost a whole roll. About a foot was left.
This is a great wallpaper, strong, and easy to match. There can be a problem with waste if you have a lot of short pieces to paste. I had many 14 1/2" pieces. The repeat is 22". I was able to do creative matching, and my waste was not too bad. Overall it looks very nice, and very 3-D.
In my review I complained that Maggie and Killian never had any honest relational moments. And as I began this novel I complained that they were always on Maggie's turf where she was in control. Both of these critiques were addressed in this novel, as well as nicely plotted save-the-world story without making me motion sick with the frenetic pace. So why the 3 star rating? Maggie. I am very frustrated by Maggie and her unwillingness to have an emotional range beyond the size of a tea cup. Yes, I see underneath to the fierce caring for family, for Killian as her friend and partner, and for protecting the world BUT her unwillingness to express the "mushy" at all and her let herself feel the awe of things truly transcendent without reducing them drives me crazy. Who looks at the incomprehensible beauty of the elven queen's palace and responds how old is that "joint"? I could understand a reverent "Well, f***!" and then reverent silence. It made her sound like a snotty pre-order, determined to be unimpressed despite herself. Killian vulnerably shared real doubts and worries, and she exercised enough self-control to consciously react with her usual reflections, which was an admirable first, but she did risk any emotional vulnerability in return. My frustration could be entirely my issue, either missing things in the character I am meant to see or expecting things beyond what she was written to be. The question will be at what point will my frustration outweigh how much I enjoy the humor and hilarious family dysfunction of the Mackays (as well as a certain very patient blond elf).
Maggie and Killian are doing your typical partner things – throwing sarcastic barbs back and forth, trying to figure out how they’re going to pay the bills, chipping away dirty gargoyles from rooftops, and, you know, saving the world. After a cryptic phone call warns Maggie not to take a job (which, of course, only ensures that she will *totally* take that job), M & K Tracking is forced to dive into a non-paying but world-saving gig once again. Sad about the money, but this one certainly took us to places we’ve never been before. Remember the Dark Dimension from previous books? Well it turns out that isn’t just the place where the genie went. There are horrible things that come out of there and they might be set loose if Maggie doesn’t continue to be the superhero that she’s determined to be. On top of all the action-packed goodness, we also get a healthy dose of information about Killian and it is way more than just how much he wants Lacy (or Maggie… or really any hottie). While the big bad still lurks in the background, I am willing to take the small (OK, saving the world isn’t really small) wins and information gathering along the way. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this foul-mouthed heroine and her saucy side-kick.
Most books you can generally tell which direction they are going. However, with the M & K series I was constantly kept on my toes, and never knowing where the author was going to deliver us to next! The characters were funny and witty, without being overly silly; smart and sexy, without being dull little paper dolls. Each new book offers a different adventure to get lost in, creating a new and exciting realm that meshes paranormal and contemporary in an exciting new way!
I love this series. Maggie the main character is kick ass! Adventure and fun all wrapped into one. The only down side is that someone needs to hire an editor. Too many mistakes in the text, but otherwise the book in question and the series is a lot of fun.
Book 4 follows Maggie and Killian as the partners continue protecting us all. I have purchased all the books in this series and am on to Book 5. This is a great series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
This series is non stop action and laughs... I have read hundreds of books and really enjoyed this series so far. The only thing lacking is the other kind of action, if you catch my drift... A few love scenes would be good. Or even some naughty scenes. But these books still kick ass... Literally! Worth it for the humour and feel good quality. You will enjoy.
I really enjoy these books! The heroine has the ability to open and go through different dimensions, which of course gets her in trouble. She has other gifts as well, but the humor is a riot! Her partner is an elf, which causes even more frustration, but wouldn't trade him for anything. Definitely give these books a try. You'll love them, too!
I enjoy these books. It's like a quickie, fast and enjoyable. I am not looking for great literature when I read this series, so I am greatly entertained. Kate is certainly capable of greatness (The Woodcutter), but this series is just fun. Caution, it IS easier to cuss after reading this series!
Good series, well worth the reading. Excellent character development, plot. Plenty of action, and cool "monsters". The Gargoyles are the best. Yay! 21 words so I can post this review!
I love Maggie! The differences between her and Mindy remind me of me and my sister. And who doesn't love girls who can kick butt. I can't wait to see more interaction between her and Killian too.
Another easily read, imaginative chapter in the I've of Maggie The World Walker. I love her interpretation of gargoyles. An enjoyable book with characters we have grown to Ike
Read all four books in as many days and the quips & laughs are just as good as the first book. Love Maggie & killan as wonderful characters. Look forward to more.
This series is just plane fun. It will get your heart pumping and then you'll laugh. I look forward to the next book in Jan..
Love the characters. Looking forward to reading all the books in the series. Funny and lighthearted book.
I really like this series. it suspenseful with a sense of humor. Very well written. I would recommend this series.
Enjoyable read. Like the world she has created.
The whole series is great
I would definitely recommend this to anyone loving this kind of book. Awesome thanks for the read. love Maggie n Lillian together.
Good book
Maggie and Killian find themselves once again in the position of trying to save the worlds when a portal is discovered in the basement of Maggie's favorite priest's church in Hollywood. What shenanigans will the two of them get up to this time? Demons? Check. Dragons? Maybe. Dark Elves? Possibly so. Sounds dark and heavy, but it's really dark and funny in a tongue-in-cheek, laugh while you duck story. I love, love, love Danley's sense of humor, and her writing style. One wish? Maggie, give in to the glamour! Killian is an elf to die for. Well, not like literally die for, but, well, you get my point! Another outrageously outlandish romp through the Other Side and more.
"M&K Tracking" by Kate Danley is another fun filled adventure for Maggie Mckay and Killian. Vampires, elves and gargoyles oh my! When Maggie and Killian are attempting to earn some cash tracking gargoyles off of Father Killarney's church they stumble on a plot to turn the basement into a two way portal from the Dark Dimension to Earth. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It is smart and witty with just enough sass to make you smile.
Kate Danley has a serious sense of humor and it shows in her books. She takes intriguing characters, absurd plots, and just makes everything work. I look forward to each new book, knowing I will have a good laugh.
I really liked it I can't wait for the next one to come out
This was another good book by Kate Danley, and I can't wait for the next book in the Magical Tracker series!
My daughter liked the Paper and it looks great. She knows where the imperfections are but it’s not obvious. It takes some practice to get the bubbles out as you installed the paper A tool is necessary to purchase, a wallpaper smoother. She did install with another person to make the process go quicker and she did watch a You tube video too on installation. She used this for her dorm. It was important that She didn’t ruin the walls and could be removed without any damage. Will definitely buy again for next year. She also started a trend with other students buying for their dorm room after seeing how great her dorm came out! There was more paper on the roll than the competitor WallPops.
This was so easy to use and looks amazing!! Trying to find some more places I can use this in the house.
Very easy to use, changed the look of my ugly metal desk.
Love this look! Went on super easy!! Buying more..
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