Overland new terrazzo tile contracted simple, release the beauty of nature

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-13
Terrazzo is add special powder and cement stone processing, small broken flower decoration on the surface of the advantage is that it, and the price is cheaper, in many areas, will be useful to the terrazzo floor tile. Highlight brightness after 1, terrazzo tiles table light with more than 70, dustproof prevent slippery quality marble. 2, terrazzo floor tile surface hardness of 6 - A magnitude 8, close to the surface of high hardness granite, wearability. 3, terrazzo floor tile can be arbitrarily splicing of design and color, color can be custom made. Prevent slippery tile is a kind of floor tile of pottery and porcelain, positive with fold stripes or concave and convex point, in order to increase the friction of the soles of the feet or sole floor tile surface and the human body, prevent sliding down. Commonly used for water, often between bath and kitchen, for example, prevent slippery floor tile can greatly improve the safety, especially suitable for the old man and the child's family. The use of the prevent slippery brick, prevent slippery tile not only has the characteristics of anti-skid, at the same time, with no odor, non-toxic, no radiation environmental characteristics, widely used in shopping mall, subway, schools, hospitals, factories, enterprises and institutions such as the adornment of metope, ground. The beauty of a floor tile, and other pieces of floor tile, collage out the vision of a better life; Design in a wide range of designs, bring home the infinite possibility. The ground and metope on color match each other, appear, but do not break elegant room whole details. Actually don't have to too modest, different colors of tile to build + floor or floor tile bold combination, sometimes can bring unexpected wonderful instead. The use of the ceramic tile in the bathroom, toilet are common. And connect the ground and wall use ceramic tile to use practical and effective way. Anyhow, Overland think it easy to do and the floor tile of diversification is the right choice of a suitable for modern life.
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