Overland teach you discern ceramic tile is bibulous rate!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-14
Most consumers before buying ceramic tile must learn to do this a few little affectations, can make in the future at the time of actual choose ceramic tile, easily distinguish the water absorption of ceramic tile. A: the preparation 1, choose a need in the living room floor tile laid. ( With colors or similar test samples: good quality and poor quality of the piece. ) 2, take two disposable cups, and filled with water. 2: solid exercise step 1, good imprint on the cup, said the water level. 2, a third of the drop of water on the back of the tile cup, observe the speed of absorbing water. 3, 30 minutes by the end of time, take a look at how much is two pieces of tile to absorb the water in the cup. 3: check the test results can be found that two pieces of the ceramic tile surface looks almost, quality is different, inferior ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high, the ceramic tile surface cracking due to expansion, the dirt in the water easily inhaled, long time use, easy to produce peculiar smell. So, when choosing a ceramic tile should first pay attention to its bibulous rate, bibulous rate is refers to the product of pottery and porcelain has certain adsorption to water penetration, bibulous rate is lower in the product, the better.
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