Overland teach you floor tile selection criteria

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-14
Selection criteria 1, choose wall brick should be to surface roughness of wall brick, verticality, smoothness and other important basis to measure. 2, there are many strict technical indicators in European standard: length error, straight Angle, edge Angle, straightness, bibulous rate, bending strength, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrupt, alkali resistance. 3, when the living room floor tile of choose and buy, brick to the square of the reference room Numbers chosen to calculate. Such as 30 square can choose side length 60 cm or under the following units; More than 30 square meters of the available length of 80 cm. This point it is worth noting that, because the customer into the floor tile shop without the dimensional feeling of home, when they will affect the judgment. 1, tonal collocation for opinion area is small, the bathroom lighting is poor, do not apply to brunet wall brick of warm color department. Because dark wall brick make a person feel the space smaller, more make the room appears dark: in addition to the wall brick warm color department, feel forward to converge on the vision, will increase the depressive feeling of the room. So this kind of room is usually the floor tile that USES light color and cool color department. 2 as the background of the sanitary ware, floor tile, plays the role of the foil. So in terms of color lightness, chroma is much lower than the sanitary ware. 3, floor tile should keep a tonal, generally the color of the floor tile deep in to 4, toilet relative to wall brick wall brick, should design reservation, colour quietly elegant, vaguely, cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role; The style of kitchen wall tiles should be given priority to with the concise and lively, pay attention to the coordinated with ambry, arrange stage of design and color, design should be simple and easy, make the person feels clean and clear, adorn a few piece of tile 5, appropriately when buying kitchen and the bathroom, the balcony floor tile, need to choose wall brick, then choose floor tile, adhere to the principle of numerous after brief first. Floor tile optional color many, relatively simple, and the wall tile has the branch of tops, bottoms, collocation is relatively complex, Jane after numerous first, will make you more perfect color collocation.
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