Parquet floor tile should pay special attention to the item

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-23
As people living standard rise, at home when decorating, also more and more people choose to floor tile this kind decorates a style, spelling a flower, traditional decoration style is no longer subject to attention gradually. Floor tile of the various types of parquet floor tile can be points according to the structure characteristics, spelling a flower is solid wood parquet flooring, composite parquet flooring, multi-layer solid wood parquet floor three. Can be according to the appearance of the spelling a flower, can be divided into the general parquet floor and round window decoration parquet floor this two kinds. Parquet floor design not only good-looking, also can let a person feel a kind of fashion trend in the atmosphere, the ground is decorated to choose parquet floor will let household decorate appear more tasteful, at the same time it also referred to as the floor of the arts and crafts, to dull the fast pace of life. Floor tile should pay special attention to item 1, floor tile, spelling a flower to pay special attention to spelling a flower shop is stuck, seam is usually all brick are all need the seam, to determine the size of the seam by visual look good degrees. Principle when doing work at the grass-roots level, we should clean up all the all kinds of dirt on the wall, water wettability and will one day in advance. If it is a new wall at the grass-roots level, the cement mortar in seventy percent when, you need to begin to implement tile, elastic line, paste the brick. Paste before pay special attention to points need to paste the specification, easy to control the surface roughness, in the realization of the actual operation is immediately with rely on foot to test its flatness, if uneven, not straight, need to remove the heavy stick. Ceramic tile ceramic tile before 2, the need to soak more than two hours to put clean water, soak the brick to take small bubbles, after dry and set aside. Paste the order need to stick from the bottom up, mortar need to be full, if ash will need to remove to stick, must can't from mouth plug or brick ash tile joints for pad. In the shop is stuck in the whole process of equipment support, if there are any pipeline, toilet needs to be cut the whole sets of brick, brick you don't have to piece together paste. Ceramic tile is mainly a careful, also need to pay attention to uniformity, the shop is stuck position can't be wrong, is looking for a bottom fixed, and then put the whole of galley. Style is numerous, Overland ceramics as fifteen years enterprise production and operation of ceramic tile ceramic tile factory - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, and thus obtain the size of the engineering across the world, domestic outfit orders, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the fashion constantly progress, launch all kinds of new style for you.
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