Pastoral scenery of kitchen ceramic tile design and dining-room kitchen supplement

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-23
Rural style according to the room decorate a building up the atmosphere of the pastoral scenery. Rural wind advocates & other; Into the natural & throughout; , attaches great importance to art aesthetics & other; Natural beauty & throughout; , of course, respect. Therefore, industry mainly laid-back, of course, the pleasure of country life. Due to close to, of course. Rural wind often referred to as & other; Rural wind & throughout; , the main performance is due to the rural wind naturally, mainly show the close contact with, of course, plain everyday life atmosphere. Are the characteristics of rural wind is bigger, plain is very easy to close. Rural wind all kinds of English pastoral, American pastoral, French rural, rural Chinese style, etc. Below will discuss about the key bucolic kitchen ceramic tile design key point. Together to learn about the pastoral scenery of kitchen ceramic tile design and dining-room kitchen of dress collocation. Bucolic kitchen ceramic tile is the key to the design of the key points: 1, the pastoral scenery the colour collocation of kitchen ceramic tile: rural style dining-room kitchen overall color, bright cheerful is a foundation, the key to the dining-room kitchen color is ivory is characteristic of typicality. Pastoral scenery of kitchen ceramic tile can also choose ivory, emerald warehouse or other light products. Only so can feel pure and fresh, dining-room kitchen ark of wood can choose mixed color ark of wood. This makes find everything new and fresh. In adornment design dining-room kitchen metope wood floor, to choose the milky white grain bucolic kitchen ceramic tile. 2, restaurant kitchen ceiling lamp: restaurant kitchen ceiling light is soft, modelling design design simple atmosphere. Application in rural wind restaurant kitchen, low hanging ceiling lamp, can foil and comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant kitchen. Outside the ceiling can also be equipped with the wind restoring ancient ways of lamp cover, use image watermark, grinding laminated glass yarn. In order to promote the restaurant kitchen light feel, convenient life daily life, can be set in the restaurant kitchen wall retro fashion wall lamp. 3, choose iron frame: restaurant kitchen interior space is applied strong household furniture and interior space, with everyone to enjoy the fun of life, dining-room kitchen decoration design interior space, not only attaches great importance to the application, also pay attention to the beauty is generous. Half open mode kitchen not only with beautiful and easy, and can let dining-room kitchen interior space more spacious. Rural style of kitchen cabinet most choose woodiness open kitchen cabinets, can add restaurant kitchen emerald, of course. 4, wooden decoration design: the sideboard is dining-room kitchen interior space can not be lack of items. Is everybody put kitchen items of special tools. Ark of wood now, not only with various types, the raw material is also very diverse. To build a beautiful pastoral wind restaurant kitchen, of course, can use the game entertainment series products of integral ambry kitchen, dining-room kitchen interior space plain. Rural style restaurant kitchen, choose ivory series products from all of the kitchen cabinets, main show is dining-room kitchen interior space open light. Above is the pastoral scenery of kitchen ceramic tile design and dining-room kitchen supplement little common sense. Thank you for the last watch of brunei online information, see you next time!
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