Plan to do their ceramic tile seam beauty of the owner, the original methods and steps

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-02
Now many owners when decorating in the home, can choose to do the ceramic tile seam. Relatively better than other decoration technology and processes, ceramic tile seam beauty is much more easy, as long as to master the relevant knowledge and skills, we can also be done to ourselves. Before the formal start, of course, we want to advance ready to ceramic tile seam beauty tools you need. These tools include picking sewing awl, dozen of the seam an agent glue gun, pressure rods or seam pressure the ball, and crepe paper knife, etc. , usually in a hardware store or a President can be bought, the price is not expensive. In addition to construction tools, buy a sufficient number of seam an agent. When buying, the color of the need to pay attention to the seam an agent, and has the paved tiles color harmony. The color of ceramic tile of the seam an agent, more commonly used is black and white ash. And the ceramic tile of gold and silver beauty seam an agent, common in European or Jane European style of home decoration. Be fond of and aesthetic is different, different owner collocation fastens with color can be selected when the seam an agent, or compared-color seam an agent. After completing the above steps, you can start preparing to do the seam. First of all, want to clean up the surface of ceramic tile first. Clean ceramic tile aperture, can use to dig cone or pen knife. Ensure that after ceramic tile aperture and surface have been clean thoroughly, put crepe paper to begin. Crepe paper need to be tightly attached to the sides of ceramic tile aperture, can not beyond the edge is not skewed. Then, the ceramic tile seam can be formally started. First beauty with glue guns installed seam an agent, export place we can open it some thin, narrow, better able to control the seam an agent dosage. When beauty with a glue gun seam an agent, is best can install, play a little. If ceramic tile aperture, can use ordinary first caulking agent & other; Render & throughout; , set aside 30% 50% of depth with the seam an agent, it also can save the seam an agent dosage. After a perfect seam an agent, he need to use seam pressure ball or the seam. Flatten the surface of the brick seam, and then wipe off the overflow to the beauty of the seam an agent on both sides. The final step, even the crepe paper torn off. Beauty, however, should pay attention to ceramic tile seam finish not immediately tore crepe paper, want to leave a period of time, seam an agent in the United States half dry state, the tear is more easy. Beauty is ceramic tile seam above all of the steps, as well as the matters needing attention. Construction, suggested that the owners put on your old clothes, and wear gloves, lest on clothes and hands to the seam an agent. Ceramic tile seam beauty is not only a physical strength live, or a delicate work. If the owner plan diy, ahead of the corresponding preparation, have patience and carefulness.
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