Play crural line simple shop is stuck, you have learned?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-24
In order to guarantee the ground adornment more beautiful and able to bear or endure look, a lot of families are decorating often for ceramic tile according to create a variety of different styles of play crural line, thus to improve the space style and aesthetic temperament and interest. Today, we would like to learn the line that play a base two simple steps to the shop is stuck. Step one: construction preparation, construction should be carefully cleaned up before 1 of metope, water wet one day in advance. 2, Yang Angle according to need number will be at the end of the skirting board, with no tooth cutting 45 °, washed with water and the skirting board, air-dried and set aside. 3, when installation, by Yang Angle on both sides to try to stick, check whether the straight, aperture is tight, shape edge drop horn, qualified rear can shop is stuck. 4, no matter what method of installation, all first on both ends of metope, first each set a skirting board, on which the height should be at the same level, the wall thickness to be consistent, then on the two pieces of skirting board on the flux lines, installation piece in that order. Step 2: method 1, paste method: according to the standard and standard horizontal metope, by 1:2 ~ 2. 5 with cement mortar bottom ash and draw lines, leveling for the underlying mortar corrugations, will have the ceramic tile of dry wet shade skirting board with 2 ~ 3 mm plain cement paste, with a rubber mallet percussion level off, and pay attention to at any time using the spirit level, by foot plate leveling, to look straight. The next day, and then use the same color of cement paste and ground panel seam. 2, the grouting method: is the skirting board temporary fixed to the installation position, plaster to the adjacent two pieces of skirting board and skirting board and floor, metope between stability in mind, and with a consistency of 10 ~ 15 cm 1:2 cement mortar ( Volume ratio) Grouting. And wipe off the overflow of mortar at any time. Stay into cement mortar after the final set, and then put the plaster off rub-up, use the same color cement slurry and the plate clean seam. The above is the line that play a base steps and methods of the shop is stuck, have you learned?
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